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Public Health Internships

Public Health

Students are encouraged to complete a one-credit internship as one of their elective requirements for the public health field. A listing of student internships and requirements is available on the Public Health website and also available in the Health Professions Office on the ground floor of Seegers Union (across from the bookstore).  This list is updated each semester. 

Public Health Internship Guidelines

All internships for public health credit must be approved by Professor Cronin, the Program Director, prior to doing the internship.

Potential Internship Opportunities in the Lehigh Valley:

  • St. Luke’s Community Health Department, Bethlehem
  • Lehigh Valley Hospital Community Health Department, Allentown
  • Lehigh Valley Hospital/Phoebe Nursing Home
  • The Caring Place
  • Turning Point (shelter for women)
  • Allentown Health Bureau
  • The American Cancer Society
  • Second Harvest Food Bank
  • United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley

Note that you are not limited to these internships. If you wish to arrange your own internship, please be sure to get approval from Prof. Cronin before registering.

1. To register for an internship, students must complete a registration form and Internship Learning Contract.

Public HealthRegistration form for internships

The registration form requires signatures from the site supervisor and the public health director.

Public Health

2. Students are required to complete Parts I, II, and V of the Internship Learning Contract. Recognize that this contract stipulates your hours and responsibilities while at site, and informs the site supervisor of his/her responsibilities to complete a midterm and final evaluation. It also provides the faculty supervisor with all necessary contact information, so it should be completed clearly and legibly.

3. Students wishing to enroll in a public health internship must read closely the Muhlenberg College Internship Manual, as it contains information on internship etiquette, liability, student, faculty, and supervisor guidelines. It also includes copies of the Internship Learning Contract, midterm and final evaluation forms.

Public HealthThe Muhlenberg College Internship Manual‌

Public HealthMid-Term Internship Evaluation Form

Public HealthFinal Internship Evaluation Form


‌Emily Relkin, '16

In conjunction with the internship program at Muhlenberg College, I worked at the Rockland County, New York Department of Health during the summer of 2015. My mentor for this experience was Professor Chrysan Cronin. My internship began with rotations through each of nine Health Department divisions, attending meetings and shadowing doctors and nurses. I spent the majority of the summer working with the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program and the Department of Disease Control.  With guidance from the Directors of Disease Control and WIC, I designed and conducted a study to characterize sources of discrepancies in WIC clinic immunization records. To accomplish this, I administered an immunization survey to the parents of children being seen in WIC clinics and compared the findings to the vaccination records in New York State’s official immunization database (NYSIIS).  At the end of my internship, I presented the results of the study to professionals at the Health Department who enthusiastically endorsed continuing the study on a larger scale. This was an incredibly valuable experience for me and served to solidify my interests in Public Health.


Sarah Weyhmuller '16

This past summer I completed an internship with the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia with their Infection Prevention and Control team. For those who may not be familiar with IPC they are the section of the hospital that monitors hospital acquired infections and any other means of cross contamination. Part of their job is educating staff and patients on transmission of diseases and how to properly reduce transmission in the hospital setting (for example, with PPE or correct hand washing). Another responsibility is recognizing HAI's (hospital acquired infections) in patients and investigating these cases. The definition of an HAI is an infection that is acquired after a patient has been admitted into the hospital. It it sometimes difficult to tell if a patient has come to the hospital with a certain illness or they acquired it post admittance, therefore the IPC team relies on accurate surveillance from the doctors and nurses of symptoms and signs present at admittance to assess these cases. Through this internship, I was able to utilize experiences and knowledge from my public health courses and it really put meaning behind everything I've learned. It's one thing to read about something in a textbook and then be tested on it, but it's a whole new feeling when you can actually see what's happening in a real world setting and then put all that knowledge to the real test. It sounds scary right? But when you work as a team, like CHOP's IPC team, you make up for each others weakness and together are a strong unit making a difference in peoples lives every single day. I aspire to be part of this amazing field some day and continue to create a healthier future.

Please contact Professor Cronin should you have questions about the public health internship.

Mailing address
Muhlenberg College
Department of Biology
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