Muhlenberg College

Research Assistantship Application



A Research Assistantship should provide a student with serious responsibilities, require particular skills and aptitudes, and be centered on a major scholarly or professional project. Positions should require a greater level of responsibility and commitment than is typically required in work-study positions, and should not be ones in which the student is simply a general-purpose assistant.
(Student Research Assistantships)

I am applying for a Research Assistant for (check all that apply):

 Fall                       Spring                 Summer  

I am requesting      hours per week for  weeks over the above period (and/or) a total of  hours for  semesters. Maximum 20 hours/week in the summer, Maximum 12 hours/week during the academic year.

Please provide a specific description of the project for which yourequire a Research Assistant.  Please make reference to the project's duration and the skills, aptitudes, and interests you will require in an Assistant. (limited to 250 words; if your explanation exceeds 250 words please email an attachment to Sherri Young)

Describe in detail the kind of specialized work for which the student will be responsible, and why this cannot be carried out by a student worker.