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Internships to Protect our Environment

If you care about the environment and want to make a difference, apply to be a PennEnvironment intern today.

What do interns with PennEnvironment do?  You’ll help us educate and engage citizens on the most critical environmental issues of our time. You’ll help us get our issues into the media, build coalitions, organize events and lobby decision-makers. Ultimately, you’ll help us build the kind of public support it takes to win.

Our Campaigns

Do you want 100% renewable energy? We’re committed to a 100% renewable energy future, and we’re advocating for policies that will bring more solar and wind power to more people and communities right now.

Do you want to save bees and other pollinators from extinction? A recent U.N. report found that bees and other pollinators are facing extinction – and given that bees pollinate everything from almonds to strawberries, we know that “no bees” means “no food.” So we’re gathering support for a ban on toxic ‘neonicotinoid’ pesticides.

Do you want to keep our public lands permanently protected and in public hands? We believe we need more wilderness, more national parks, and more public lands that are permanently protected. So we’re getting the word out through the media to not only stop reckless moves to sell off our public lands or open them to mining, drilling and development. We want to expand their protection and establish more national monuments.

Thinking boldly about a green future is a start, but we know it’s not enough.

Become a PennEnvironment intern

If you agree that it’s time to solve these big environmental problems, the best thing you can do to get involved is to apply to be a PennEnvironment intern today. We’re currently hiring for the Fall and Spring of 2018.

We’re looking for students who care deeply about the environment and are ready to make a difference now.

As an intern:

o You’ll learn how to push for smart solutions to environmental problems, and build the public support it takes to win

o You’ll work side-by- side with one of our advocates, learning the ropes.

o You’ll reach out to and engage with citizens to leverage grassroots power

o And you’ll attend briefings and trainings to learn even more about environmental issues and gain organizing skill

And if you’re thinking you might want to make a career out of campaigning to solve big environmental problems like global warming – interning with PennEnvironment is one of the best ways to get started.

Not only will you get the training and experience you need, but we hire our most talented and committed interns to join our full time staff when they graduate.

We’re hiring interns in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and have sister organizations in many cities across the country. Apply Today!


Now Hiring: Full-time Environmental Organizers!

Join our team as a Climate Defender: PennEnvironment’s Climate Defender Organizers are responsible for recruiting, developing and mobilizing powerful teams of concerned citizens to become climate volunteers in critical communities across the state. As a Climate Defender Organizer, you will work with our existing network of hundreds of team members and activists, and expand volunteer teams in key political areas to ensure support from local decision-makers for climate action. Find out more and apply here.

The Mortimer & Mimi Foundation empowers cities by free, outdoor summer concerts as a means to revitalize public spaces and bring diverse groups of people together in a welcoming place. As part of the Levitt Foundation’s ongoing commitment to better understand the audiences served by the programs we support, we are conducting an on-site survey of the Levitt Pavilion concert audiences this summer.

We are seeking freelance field researchers, undergraduate or graduate school students and recent graduates in the Lehigh Valley area who have a background in the social sciences and/or experience with on-site survey collection.

Fielders will need to be available to work periodic evening shifts throughout June and July. A total of 600 completed surveys will be collected over 12 to 15 different concerts, averaging approximately 50 to 60 per evening. Concerts typically occur Thursdays through Sundays. We prefer researchers to be at every concert, but will not be required if we have enough fielders for flexible scheduling. A schedule of selected concerts, as well as back up dates to accommodate inclement weather, will be provided by mid-May to applicants. Fielders will be paid for their time.

We are also looking for a local coordinator for the fielders, to oversee scheduling and other administrative aspects of the survey collection. Coordinators will receive a stipend in addition to the hourly wage provided to researchers.

Click on the job title below for more information and how to apply.

Freelance Field Researcher

Field Research Coordinator

Jobs with Impact

Make Your Impact for Our Environment, Our Democracy and Our Future‌‌
Jobs with Impact

Make Your Impact for Our Environment, Our Democracy and Our Future

If you are interested in joining a team of passionate people to make an impact on issues like global warming, clean water, big money’s influence over our democracy and other issues that matter to our future, consider a job with Impact.

Impact is a nonprofit that runs action campaigns. We work in states where we can win positive change for our environment, our democracy and our future.
Impact is now accepting applications to join our team in August 2016! We also have immediate positions available. Our early application deadline is January 24.

If you aren’t looking for a full-time job, you can also make a big difference through an internship with Impact.

You can learn more and apply at