Sociology and Anthropology




The Department of Sociology and Anthropology will award a limited number of student research grants of up to $100 to seniors enrolled in Sociology and Anthropology Senior Seminars (SOC 450 or ATH 450) who are conducting original research as part of their capstone projects. Grants may be used to defray direct costs associated with data acquisition; the grant does not support salary and tuition reimbursement.


Project applications should be received in the Department by February 15 with granting period to begin February 28.

Project Application Requirements (2 sets)

  • Copy of Project Research Proposal (limited to 4 double-spaced pages; include as Appendices any questionnaire, survey guide, or interview schedule for original data collection)
  • Copy of Project Budget and Rationale
  • Copy of Institutional Review Board’s Approval Notice
  • Copy of unofficial transcript

Other Requirements

Successful applicants will be required to provide a one-page post-grant report detailing expenditures and accounting, and return any remaining unspent funds to the Department by May 15.