Sociology and Anthropology

Requirements for Admission to Honors Program in Sociology

• A minimum 3.60 grade point average in sociology and an overall 3.00 grade point average at the time of application.

• The successful completion of at least two 300-level courses in sociology by the end of their Junior year.

• The successful completion of Research Design (SOC 312)

• A formal letter of application that includes a statement of purpose, and a proposal for the research project. Copies of this application must be given to the faculty advisor, the faculty member for Senior Seminar, and the head of the department by April 15 of the junior year.

Sociology Honors Program Requirements

• Conduct one semester of independent research (1 credit) in the fall semester of senior year devoted to the development of the honors thesis.

• Honors students must enroll in Senior Seminar during the spring semester.

• The completion of a thesis (50 to 70 pages) that contains original and empirical work using qualitative and/or quantitative data. Copies of the thesis must be made available to faculty supervisors and must meet honors requirements (separate from Senior Seminar standards) before the oral defense can take place. Students conducting a multi-disciplinary research project should work with a faculty member from that discipline as well as the faculty member conducting the department’s Senior Seminar, and have both faculty members evaluate the thesis.

• A presentation of the research at the department’s annual Senior Symposium in the spring.

• The passing of an oral defense of the thesis work conducted by two members of the department at the end of the spring semester of the senior year. Students with multi-disciplinary projects working with a faculty member from that discipline must have that faculty member participate in the defense.