Courses & Levels

MCDC offers a variety of classes at multiple of levels to cater to all interests and skill levels.

MCDC for Young Dancers

Description of Course Levels

Tap classes will not be offered this summer. The description below refers to classes scheduled for the fall and spring.


Level 1 Ballet

Students will begin to develop the fundamentals of ballet technique through basic barre, center, and across the floor exercises. An emphasis will be placed on the proper alignment of the body with the introduction of concepts required for correct placement of the legs, arms and head. Musicality, coordination, posture, and balance will be explored through simple enchaînements that celebrate the joy of dancing in solo and partner dances.

Level 2 Ballet

Students will continue to build upon the fundamentals of ballet technique covered in Level 1. A greater emphasis will be placed on maintaining proper placement of the torso, and building strength in the legs and feet while at the barre. Students will continue to develop their use of port de bras in more complex center and across the floor exercises. Students will be challenged to increase their mastery of basic ballet terminology, musicality, coordination, posture, and balance and will participate in the creation of solo and partner dances.

Level 3 Ballet

Designed for students with a very strong interest in studying the art of ballet, students will continue building upon the terminology and skills introduced in Level 1 & 2 with more complex barre, center and across the floor exercises. There will be a greater emphasis on integrating the principles of port de bras, epaulement, musicality and artistry throughout enchaînements. Along with a greater focus on classical ballet terminology, students will begin working towards mastering more complex pirouette, petit and grand allegro exercises that build required strength in the legs and feet. Students will have the opportunity to explore the choreographic process in creating solo and partner dances.


Level 1 Jazz

Students will explore Jazz dance through an energetic class beginning with a warm up that focuses on isolations, stretching and strengthening exercises to develop flexibility, footwork, and body awareness. Students dance across the floor in carefully crafted combinations of turning, leaping, jumping and rolling. Classes culminate with a center phrase --a combination of the technique performed earlier in the class. Students in Level 1 will develop these basic tenants before moving to Level 2.

Level 2 Jazz

Students who have completed Level 1 Jazz and have an understanding of awareness to body parts and how they work in isolation and in tandem with one another are well suited for Level 2. Students are developing in flexibility, and have cultivated a strong understanding of musicality. Students in level two are also familiar with a variety of footwork and traveling across the floor in combinations of turns, jumps, rolls and leaps.

Level 3 Jazz

This level is appropriate for the experienced jazz dancer. Students will continue to develop strength, flexibility and coordination with strong cardio-focused warm-up and across the floor work emphasizing leaps, turns and dynamic movement combinations. The class will incorporate a variety of styles and choreography ranging from the traditional to the contemporary while honoring students’ individual performance skills.


Level 1 and 2 Modern

Students begin class with an exploration of the developmental patterns of the body including breath, core distal, body half, upper lower, cross lateral, eye tracking and vestibular movements in order to develop full awareness of their bodies and how they move in space. Students are discovering spinal articulation, core support through locomotor and non-locomoter movement, alignment through the spine, pelvis, knees, and ankles, and ability to travel in and out of the floor. Students work in the center to develop strength in both parallel and rotated positions and core strength. Students are also experimenting with their heads beneath their base of support. Students develop these basic tenets before moving to Level 3


Level 1 Tap

Students will explore the foundations of tap dance, focusing on rhythmic principles and developing a terminology for the technique. Students will develop a strong sense of musicality while being introduced to the basic elements of tap. Different styles of tap will be explored, including musical theatre, jazztap, and classical tap.

Level 2 Tap

Students build upon the basics learned in Level 1 and explore more complex rhythms, steps and combinations. Students will learn the history of American tap dancing while developing strong tap and musical skills. Emphasis will be placed on concepts of articulation, tempo, beat and variation.