Study Abroad


More than half of Muhlenberg's Theatre & Dance students spend a semester abroad in our London and Tuscany programs.

Explore your art while you explore the world!

Study abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
— a way to experience some corner of the world deeply and profoundly, while also enhancing your artistic skills and understanding. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of one of the Department's Study Abroad programs. More than half of theatre and dance majors do, and when they come back, they can't stop talking (sometimes in Italian!) about what a spectacular, life-altering experience they've had.

Accademia dell'Arte, Tuscany, Italy

With its focus on theatre, music, and dance, the Accademia dell'Arte offers a unique opportunity to study in an intense studio setting, with outstanding artists and professionals from Europe and the United States. Those who come to study at the Accademia will experience an intensive Italian language and cultural immersion program, academic studies, and high-level theatre, music and dance performance training.

Students live near each other in the villa, sharing meals with their teachers. The atmosphere is relaxed but very focused. The medieval city of Arezzo is about a mile away, and on weekends, students venture through Tuscany and take train trips throughout Italy and beyond.

The Dance Program
features in-depth study of several genres of dance, ranging from ballet to modern to somatic practices, as well as Italian dance forms and butoh. The curriculum has been carefully designed in consultation with Director of Dance Karen Dearborn to complement Muhlenberg's dance major.

Working closely with the Terìaca dance group and Giorgio Rossi, founder of the internationally acclaimed dance company Sosta Palmizi, students experience dance training that takes them into the ancient and contemporary cultural fabric of Italy and the Mediterranean. Terìaca is well known for its research into the roots of Italian popular dance. Rossi, teaching modern dance technique and choreography, is a nationally acclaimed performer, widely noted for his highly personal dance style.

In addition to their core studio classes, students participate in intensive workshops in diverse movement and dance forms. They also take a working excursion to Naples, attend numerous professional performances, and present their own work both in-house and in the local Italian community.

Find out more on the Accademia dell'Arte website.

The Theatre Program
is rooted in the tradition of commedia dell'arte, complementing that aspect of the Muhlenberg curriculum. Students in the program receive the sort of rigorous all-day studio training experience they would encounter in a conservatory environment.

Masters of commedia dell'arte teach in two-week rotations, each with a different traditional technique to impart. These highly respected masters immerse their students in the commedia world, through strenuous physical training, voice training, discovery of the stock characters, mask making and improvisation. The first week of each rotation, the students work four hours daily, while continuing their language and philosophy classes, to give them time to adjust to the new technique. For the second week, the students work eight hours in the studio each day.

Find out more on the Accademia dell'Arte website.

University of London Drama Program

Two different theatre programs at the University of London provide students with the opportunity to live in a major world-class city and participate in the cultural life of one of the premiere theatrical hubs of the world. Both programs include frequent opportunities for students to attend theatrical events in London and take advantage of the city's tremendous cultural resources.

The Queen Mary College Department of Drama
is an exciting, dynamic, and creative place for practitioners and scholars of drama, theatre, and performance studies. Teaching and research at the college embrace both contemporary and emerging art forms and the roots and rich history of the performing arts and theatre. Based in East London, Queen Mary has strong links with local and international organizations, from the London International Festival of Theatre and the Barbican, to local galleries and community arts projects.

Goldsmiths College
is located in New Cross, South East London, a vibrant urban center with great transport connections to Central London. The Goldsmiths Department of Drama places a major emphasis on the creative interrelationship between practice and theory. The program encourages imagination and innovation, offering a wide variety of courses that complement the Muhlenberg curriculum.

The Goldsmiths College program
The Queen Mary College program

Other International Programs

Muhlenberg offers a wide range of other study abroad opportunities through its Global Education Program, all of which are available to Theatre & Dance majors. Our students have traveled all over the world, including Ireland, Argentina, Denmark, Egypt, Ghana, India, Israel, and Nepal.

Your academic advisor will help you to plan a course of study for your semester abroad that allows you to fulfill all your academic requirements. The sooner you start discussing your plans, the better.

Muhlenberg's Global Education Program