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‌Michael Alexander ’05 embodies the possibilities of a liberal arts education - he's a senior vice president in international marketing for Universal Music Group (East Coast Label). While at Muhlenberg, Alexander studied media & communication and completed a minor in political science.

“I was introverted and shy, but at Muhlenberg you have to quickly learn how to interact and communicate with people, which is a key skill in the business world.”

Muhlenberg's department prides itself on outsanding faculty who are dedicated to expanding knowledge in the field. Faculty are active scholars contributing vitally to the discipline.

The Muhlenberg department takes seriously the mission of a liberal arts education: cultivating thoughtful, articulate, active, and responsible citizens. By introducing students to the tools of the discipline -- its theories, concepts and research methods – political science enables students to explore the power relationships, institutional arrangements, social-economic conditions and ideological commitments that shape public policy, political action and public argument in a diverse and globally interdependent society.