Image from 2015 ViewbookVernon Jordan III ’16 exemplifies the humanist spirit. Hailing from Philadelphia, Vernon is an artist, writer, filmmaker and scholar. He wanted to pursue an interdisciplinary program that would best let him follow his interests, so he designed his own program of study: black voice & cultural studies, synthesizing coursework from , and theatre.

Vernon has been continually inspired by “all of the wonderful professors I’ve had here to reshape the way I think about the world around me.”

His professors in the humanities have proved transformative: “I feel more prepared to emulate them to the next generation; I feel more prepared to give myself back to my community through my art; I feel more prepared to teach well, because I have been taught in those same ways.”

Vernon has taken his interests beyond the bounds of the classroom, serving as co-president of the Black Students Association, head residential advisor and social media consultant for Muhlenberg’s office of community engagement, as well as pursuing his own artistic goals in film, theatre and music.

He is the epitome of a student of the humanities: passionate, multi-talented, world-oriented. With a Muhlenberg humanities education, he will be prepared for a life of doing what he loves: “[being] an artist, writer, filmmaker and hopefully a teacher.” As he says “great teachers change people for the better.”