Men's Lacrosse in Canada: Day 4

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

men's lacrosse in Canada This morning our group left to go to Victoria, just south of Vancouver. After a 45-minute bus ride, we made it to the seaport, where we boarded a ferry, bus and all. The ferry was huge, with a bunch of levels for cars and more levels for passengers.

For the majority of the trip we enjoyed staying on

Nick Rispoli, Andrew Masterson, Andrew Disdier, Jack Reilly and Zach Weiner enjoy the ferry ride.
the deck, enjoying the cool breeze and landscape. It was neat to see sea lions swimming by the ship and also lying on the beaches and islands in the distance, as well as bald eagles flying overhead.

After about an hour and a half we made it to land, and after an hour bus ride or so, we made it to Victoria.

Victoria, which is the capital of the British Columbia province, is a port city with a lot to offer. Once checked into our rustic hotel, we were free to walk around and familiarize ourselves with the city. Many of us went to the British Columbia Royal Museum, which included ancient Canadian artifacts, hunted and stuffed animals such as a giant moose and grizzly bear, and even John Lennon’s “Yellow Submarine” Rolls Royce. From what my friends have told me, it was very similar to the Museum of Natural History in New York, albeit on a much, much smaller scale.

Afterwards, some players rented motor scooters to drive around the city, and others decided to walk around the harbor and docks. The best comparison to a U.S. city would be Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, just smaller and more laid back. There are also some cool historic buildings here, such as the Empress Hotel and Victoria Parliament Building.

One nice thing that we’ve noticed is that most places here accept the U.S. dollar, which is convenient in case you don’t have Canadian cash. Something that has taken time to get used to, however, are the Canadian $1 and $2 coins. Canadian currency does not include a $1 bill, so they use a $1 coin called a Loonie, and a $2 coin called a Toonie. Interesting names, right? There’s your fun fact for today, eh!

Tomorrow morning we are going to be whale watching, and at night we will be playing a game against the Victorian Lacrosse Team. Talk to you then!

parliament building by day the Parliament Building by day and by night parliament building by night

Empress Hotel at left, the Empress Hotel, and at right, Victoria Harbour harbor