Women's Soccer in Barbados: Day 4

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

women's soccer in Barbados group photo After we blogged last night, we witnessed something truly unique to a Caribbean Island.

We opened the door to our hotel room patio to find a crowd formed on the beach. They were witnessing a giant sea turtle laying its eggs in the sand. It was a really interesting experience. We learned that they dig three feet into the sand, and as soon as the mother drops the eggs she abandons her offspring. Three months later the eggs hatch and make their way to the surface of the sand, trying to survive on their own in the ocean. We watched the mother make her way back to the ocean — it was definitely an unexpected highlight of the trip so far.

Now on to today’s activities. We woke up early as usual for breakfast and shortly after were greeted by island safari tour guides outside our hotel. team on Land Rover We hopped onto two 4v4 Land Rovers and began our five-hour adventure across the parishes of Barbados. The tour took us through the eleven parishes of Barbados, off-roading, the second-highest cliff in the country and many more sites.

We witnessed the distinct social divides of the country, from beautiful mansions to low-income households. A delicious lunch was served midway through the trip at a restaurant overlooking the beautiful valley and part of the Caribbean. Followed by a few more hours of touring around the island, we headed back to the hotel to prepare for our afternoon practice.

With an hour to spare before practice, we all fell asleep with the past few days’ activities catching up to us. Waking up to our alarms was SO HARD, YEA YEA YEA (get it?!). We pulled through and had a successful workout to end the day’s planned activities.

Arriving back at our hotel, we freshened up and headed to dinner at a restaurant we had spotted the night before. Our food arrived much quicker than previous nights. We all grubbed out and then headed back to our rooms after the long day in the sun.