Men's Lacrosse in Canada: Day 5

Thursday, August 11, 2011

men's lacrosse in Canada Today was awesome.

whale-watching boat At 9:30, we went to the harbor and boarded boats for our whale-watching trip. We took two boats, one with the players and Coach Gallagher, and another with the parents and Coach Bissinger. After a great trip to our watching spot, which included sailing along the Olympic Mountains of the U.S, we had to wait no more than a minute to see killer whales surfacing and swimming along the coastline looking for salmon.

We learned that they swim in pods, and that the mother is the head honcho of the pod. Killer whales, or orcas, live to be very long, with some of the tiger skin whales living to be over 100 years old. The oldest ones we saw were 80 years old, born back in the 1930s.

The tracking of these whales is unbelievable - each has a name and a birth date, as well as an accurate family tree that was recorded in a book in the cabin. What was even more amazing was that our boat guide was able to identify the whales from a distance. For example, today we saw K-21 Cappuccino, vs. Team Victoria the 21st orca from the “K” pod. Cappuccino was the name given to him by the organization. He was the largest whale that inhabits the Victorian area.

It really was an amazing time ... the whales had everyone, even the “tough guys,” in awe. It’s a shame that Sean Delany, who graduated two years ago, wasn’t there, as he was a whale extraordinaire.

On our way back to the harbor we even were able to catch two bald eagles scouting sea gulls to eat. AMERICA!

After our trip, most of us took naps to regain our land legs back. Some of us also went into the Empress Hotel (the flagship hotel of Victoria), where I was able to snap the cool picture of the tiger skin above a fireplace.

We got some pizza delivered to the hotel, and afterwards we went to our third game of the trip, which was great. We played great as a team and beat Team Victoria 13-10. Now we’re going to go out as a team to a wing place and then see what’s going on downtown.

Unfortunately I wasn’t quick or skilled enough to get a good picture of the killer whales, so I apologize for that. Tomorrow we’re going back to Vancouver for the last leg of our trip. Talk to you then!

players on boat lighthouse