Men's Lacrosse in Canada: Day 6

Friday, August 12, 2011

men's lacrosse in Canada Today was a relatively quiet day. We left Victoria to return to Vancouver. We used the same ferry service to return, and the trip back was, as always, an awesome time. Many of us were on the top deck of the boat, enjoying the clear blue water and spotting isolated homes atop of the mountains.

When we docked at the port, we boarded back onto our bus and drove right off the ferry back onto land and onto the highway. At this point, nearly everyone sleeping on the bus on the bus was wiped out from all the traveling (see picture). We started from Newark to Vancouver, then from Vancouver to Whistler and back, then to Victoria, then spent the day in U.S. waters while whale watching, and then finally returned back to Vancouver. I think both the parents and players needed a day to relax from all the traveling.

And that’s just what happened today when we returned to our hotel. Nearly everyone took naps ’til about 7:00, which is when everyone got together at the hotel for a barbecue dinner. Afterwards, many of us experienced the Vancouver nightlife.

Luckily, we can sleep in tomorrow, which I’m sure everyone is thrilled about. Tomorrow our day will be open until late afternoon, when we play the keynote game of our trip against the Canadian U-19 National Team. This team has 10 players committed to Division I lacrosse programs. It will definitely be a challenge, but we’re excited to see how we match up.

I forgot to mention a few days ago for our third game a new phrase we came up with to shout when our team huddle breaks - “God Save the President.” For those of you who don’t know, the de facto national anthem of England is “God Save the Queen.” Since Canada is part of the British realm, the tune is often played as a patriotic anthem in the Canadian provinces. Therefore we decided it would be a good idea to “Americanize” the anthem. Ipso facto, we came up with “God Save the President!” (no political fighting, please)

So after a day to relax and regroup, everyone is looking forward to the final days of our trip here in the Pacific Northwest. Have a great Friday everyone.