Women's Soccer in Barbados: Day 1

Sunday, August 7, 2011

women's soccer in Barbados The Berg women’s soccer team has successfully arrived in Barbados!

Our first day started out early, leaving JFK Airport on an 8:15 a.m. flight. But that gave us plenty of beach time upon arrival! A “Welcome to Barbados” sign greeted our team not long after stepping off the plane, setting up the perfect photo opportunity for our squad. Outside the airport, we met our trip coordinator Dominic, who welcomed us to his country and led our team to the bus.

As we checked into our beachfront hotel, we immediately caught glimpse of the crystal clear water and white sand. The ladies at the front desk couldnt check us in fast enough with our growing anticipation to throw on our bathing suits and jump into the water.

We spent the majority of the afternoon wading in the Caribbean and relaxing on the beach. The water was the perfect temperature, making it difficult to leave and get ready for dinner. We experienced typical Caribbean weather when it started storming shortly after we came inside. Luckily the rain didn’t last long and we were able to walk to dinner without our UMBRELLA, ELLA ELLA, EH EH EH (get it?!).

Exhausted from the day, we packed it in soon after dinner and prepared for our early-morning training session and afternoon game. The next five days have a lot in store for us; we are excited for what Dominic has planned!

women's soccer in Barbados