Men's Lacrosse in Vancouver: Day 2

Monday, August 8, 2011

men's lacrosse in Canada This morning our day started with a complementary breakfast at our hotel, and at 11:30 we were off to our first games of the trip at Surrey, British Columbia, just 45 minutes outside of Vancouver.

Today’s weather was clear, warm and sunny. The scenery was awesome on the way there, and everyone was excited to get to play in a game for the first time since our season ended. We played two Vancouver club teams.

Our first game was very competitive, as the goals were scored back and forth by each team. After the final whistle, we were on the short end of a 9-7 game. This game was very interesting, as it was different than the way we play back in the United States. Rather than four 15-minute quarters, we played three 15-periods, lacrosse team before game similar to hockey. Also, the other team’s style of play was much different than the traditional style of U.S. play. Offensively, they played very close in to the goal rather than focusing on speed, strength and teamwork. Also, rather than using both their right and left hands, the Canadians used only their strong hand.

Overall it was a great experience, and after adjusting to their style of play, we were ready to play our second game.

Our second game was against another team from the same club. This game the Mules were victorious 10-7, getting off to a fast start and playing confidently now that we knew the Canadians’ style.

One of the more entertaining highlights (if it could be called that) was a play in which our long pole, Zach Weiner, got speared underneath his helmet and lifted up off his feet after a hit. It was as if his momentum completely stopped and launched him backwards. It honestly looked like he was harpooned by a whaler. It’s only fitting that this would happen to him, as throughout the entire season a game wouldn’t be complete without Zach being involved in some sort of play that culminated in Zach on the ground. When he came off of the field he got an earful of jokes from all the guys.

Another funny part of playing against the Canadian teams was listening to their accents. “Hey watch out for that winger over they, eh?” “Let’s win this one, eh?” Overall, it was great to be able to play and go against teams that are much different than what we are used to. Also, both teams were very friendly and a good time was had by all.

Tonight I’m sure there will be plenty more exploring and great eating. Something we noticed today is that everyone in Vancouver is friendly and laid back, and they enjoy taking their time getting from place to place, something I've never experienced while working in New York City. It's a much different lifestyle up here!

Tomorrow we are going to Whistler Park, which is where the 2010 Winter Olympics took place. Players will have the option of white water rafting, hiking, or zip lining down the mountains. Everyone is looking forward to tomorrow. I’ll fill you in then!

scenery Nick Rispoli

above left, scenery from the trip to the game; above right, Nick Rispoli sports some nice sunglasses at the field

below left, the players await their luggage at the Vancouver airport; below right, Coach Nick Gallagher and the long poles arrived safely!

players at airport Nick Gallagher