Women's Soccer in Barbados: Day 2

Monday, August 8, 2011

women's soccer in Barbados Our first full day on this beautiful island didn’t involve much time indoors. Starting with a training session at the crack of dawn, we quickly got back into the swing of things by getting some touches on the ball and playing short-sided games against each other. The long summer away from each other felt like no time at all since our last practice.

Although we were excited to be back on the pitch, the humidity got up as early as we did. By 6:30 a.m., when we arrived at the field, it was already in the mid-80s with what felt like 90 percent humidity. At the end of practice we headed back to our hotel for breakfast on the beachfront patio.

We had the afternoon free, so we obviously took advantage of the beach. While lounging around and banana boat getting our tan on, we were offered jet ski rides by a local Bajan. In pairs of two we took turns cruising around the Caribbean.

Shortly after our jet ski rides we spotted a giant banana floating nearby. It was a banana boat! We didnt think twice to embark on this adventure. Dividing into two groups, our team was pulled through the wakes of the water. The second group ended up in the water twice mostly due to Stephanie Tramutola’s incessant need to flip the boat at the apprehension of everyone else. After we struggled to lift ourselves back onto the banana, the driver asked if we wanted to just go back to shore. Our response in unison was JUST SHUT UP AND DRIVE! (get it?!).

After a little bit longer at the beach, it was time for lunch. We ordered takeout from the same restaurant we went to dinner the night before. All of us girls then retreated to our rooms to rest up before our game.

As we headed to the field for the second time today, we didnt know what to expect from our opponents. We got a late start due to a missing crossbar on one women's soccer with opponent of the goals, but it served to our advantage in the end as the humidity began to drop and the sun went down, taking the heat with it. Victory numero uno for the Muhlenberg women’s soccer team, hopefully a precursor to the rest of the season.

We have really gotten a taste of the Bajan laid back lifestyle as dinner kept us eagerly waiting for an hour. It was well worth the wait, as we had some fantastic local cuisine jerk chicken, dolphin (it’s not actually Flipper, but Mahi Mahi), and BBQ Chicken.

During dinner, Dominic, our tour coordinator, was telling us about some of his other clients and happened to mention in passing that he was serving as J. Cole and Trey Songz’ trip advisor while they were on the island shooting a music video. After we spent the remainder of our dinner hounding him for details, he offered to try his best to get J. Cole to meet up with us. This brings us to the present; as we are winding down our second day in Barbados, we wait anxiously for J. Cole’s arrival. Wish us luck!