Women's Soccer in Barbados: Day 3

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

women's soccer in Barbados jammin boat Well, unfortunately, J. Cole did not make an appearance last night, but our day today made up for that disappointment.

Starting with an early-morning upper-body workout by the beach and then a plethora of options for breakfast, our day picked up when we caught the bus to the shipyard in Bridgetown. We arrived to find the most colorful catamaran named “Jammin’” in the port waiting for the day’s journey and quickly hopped on the boat.

The crew aboard the ship was extremely friendly and entertaining as they handed us our snorkeling equipment for the day. We set sail, arriving at our first snorkeling destination in a short five minutes. Our faces emerged in the water, after sliding off Jammin’s water slide, and we saw many fish and sea turtles. We continued to swim around for a while until we boarded the boat to head to another location, where we saw two shipwrecks and some more fish.

The remainder of our day on the catamaran involved sun bathing, swimming, jumping off the boat and a delicious lunch. Unfortunately when anchored, the water was choppy, which caused some of our players to snorkeling become nauseous. This led us to send out an SOS PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME (get it?!) for our sick players!

After a brief cupcake fight with the crew, we hoisted the anchor and cruised back into port, but not before a jammin’ session with the Jammin’ crew. The staff on the boat gave us a feel for the music and dance of the Bajan culture, leaving us wanting more. But all good things must end. Even though we didn’t have the Jammin’ crew with us on our bus ride back to the hotel, we continued the Bajan sing alongs all the way home.

After being in the sun all day our team hung out in the hotel to relax until dinner time. We took a walk down to St. Lawrence Gap, where we enjoyed a Mexican-style dinner.

Halfway through our trip, we are so far having a great time and can’t wait for what tomorrow’s activities will bring!