Field Hockey in Europe: Day 6

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Dom The Muhlenberg field hockey team has moved on from the Netherlands to Germany. Junior Samantha Swire fills us in on their latest adventures.

Day 6
Our first day in Germany started out with an alarm ringing a little bit later than usual. After sleeping in, we enjoyed a buffet style breakfast in the hotel lobby. The team then loaded the bus for an exciting day of sightseeing and shopping in the beautiful city of Cologne.

Our first stop in the city was at a giant cathedral called The Dom. The Dom, built in 1248, was at one point the tallest cathedral in the world and is currently the largest cathedral in Northern Europe. After taking some team pictures, we took a long walk through the city on the way to our next destination, The Lindt Chocolate Museum.

The scenery was beautiful as the museum was located on the Rhine River. Once inside the building, we had a variety of options to choose from. While some toured the galleries and read about the history of chocolate, others, such as myself, ventured upstairs to create our own custom chocolate bars complete with our choice of chocolate and up to four toppings.

chocolate Once we had all had our fill of chocolate, the rest of the afternoon was ours to explore the city. We split up to find places for lunch and to spend some more of our euros in the stores. After a successful shopping day, the team returned to The Dom. We piled onto the bus and headed back to the hotel for some much needed relaxation time and a team dinner.

huge cheeseburger Dinner consisted of a delicious tomato soup, salad and the biggest cheeseburgers I have ever seen. Some of the team was able to finish the entire burger while others, like myself, struggled to eat more than half. However, we all somehow managed to have just enough room left for dessert.

Led by our tour guide Niels, we walked down the street from our hotel to a small ice cream shop. Here, Gabi Smith introduced the team to a German treat called “spaghetti eis.” We then returned to our rooms to pack up and get some rest before for our long day in Belgium tomorrow!

The Mules’ favorites:
Dani Beiser: My favorite was probably the cathedral and just being in the city with its people.

Sierra Lenker: I don’t know ... I enjoyed the whole day!