Student Athlete Leaders Emerging

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

StepUp Mules Over the last several months, our student athletes have been charged with an initiative to become better leaders. Muhlenberg College encourages our student athletes to pursue excellence in academics, athletics and in citizenship. “Step Up Mules” is a newly adopted curriculum designed by the NCAA to help our student athletes be stronger leaders. The program is intended to provide opportunities for our students to learn how to interject in difficult situations, to be upstanding citizens on our campus and in our community, to keep one another safe and to ultimately, STEP UP and lead by example.

To reinforce this program, Muhlenberg College athletics is partnering as a Sponsor with Walton Consulting and over a dozen local businesses in providing several of our student-athletes the opportunity to attend Leadercast, the largest convergence of leaders in the world, an epic leadership simulcast experience broadcast LIVE from Atlanta to the Lehigh Valley. Leadercast helps to build leaders worth following. This conference encompasses world renowned business leaders, athletes and more, who will share their personal experiences on how to be an inspiring leader, one willing to look beyond their self to better others. Our athletes will not only learn about what makes a great leader but will also have the privilege to connect with others around the Lehigh Valley.

Please consider joining us for this phenomenal event. For information on the Leadercast Walton Consulting, please click visit For more information on StepUp Mules please click here: