No Triskaidekaphobia for These Mules

Friday, June 13, 2014

The origins of Friday the 13th being considered an unlucky day are not clear, but one thing is for certain: there are many who are not superstitious about the number 13. In honor of today’s date, we asked Muhlenberg athletes why they wear the supposedly unlucky number:

Emily Bain (women’s soccer)
“13, for whatever reason, has always been a lucky number for me and also for my mom. I have never been superstitious in a negative way (I also have a black cat at home, and I have never felt ‘unlucky’). Freshman year I did not have much choice, so I got stuck with number 26, which meant nothing to me. I had every intention of changing it to what I thought of as a solid number. When I was able to switch, I could not get number 6, which was my first choice and that I have been wearing all my life, so I took 13. Some great players wear number 13. Meghan O’Grady who was my captain as a freshman wore 13, Alex Morgan who plays for the USWNT wears 13, and Kristine Lilly wore it before her.

“I love my number and I’m not scared of it :)”

Emily Bain, Kaitlyn McCaffrey, Jesse Lerner, Joanne Josephson Kaitlyn McCaffrey (women’s lacrosse)
“When I started off playing basketball, my dad told me that Wilt Chamberlain was number 13, and I thought that it would be cool to have that too. And then I just kind of stuck with it for lacrosse as well.”

Jesse Lerner (men’s basketball)
“I wear number 13 because my little brother Jack wears it and has worn it for years. He picked it when he was little playing AAU basketball because he couldn’t understand why people thought it was bad luck and wanted to test it out for himself. When my sophomore season rolled around and I was able to choose my number he kept begging me to pick number 13, so I switched from 23 to 13. I never thought twice about what the number 13 meant before then, or what any number on my jersey meant to me, but I chose number 13 because my favorite basketball player, Jack, wears it. It’s pretty special to share that with my brother with both of us playing competitive basketball and wearing the same number, him at Winter Park High School in Orlando, Florida, and me at Muhlenberg.

“In that regard, I consider number 13 to pretty lucky.”

Joanne Josephson (volleyball)
“I have never consistently had the number 13 as my jersey number; I only wore it for one basketball season back in high school. When I walked into the locker room during preseason this past fall, my locker had my name and my new number 13, so it came to me as a surprise that I would be wearing number 13 for the 2013 season. I had never thought much about the bad luck stereotypes that came with the number, but if anything it makes me want to prove the ‘unluckiness’ of the number wrong.”