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taking it all “in”

It may be hard to believe, but Tuesday marked the first day of spring sports practices. And with more than a foot of snow covering the ground, the Mules were forced to move practices indoors. With six teams looking for practice time and only one facility, it was an action-packed day inside the John Deitrich Field House. Here's just a small sampling of what went on that day.

As many as six softball players were able to hit soft toss at a time in the portable batting cage. With a curtain dividing the field house, the softball team practiced hitting on one side while the baseball team worked on fielding on the other side.

The softball players rolled balls to each other to practice their footwork and improve their agility.

Luckily it doesn't take too much space to play a game of pepper to practice bunting.

When the two teams switched areas, it made for a mini traffic jam by the water cooler.

That's not a mirror. To give each player the most swings possible the baseball team took batting practice in pairs with the batters standing in the middle and hitting towards the ends of the cage.

What, you didn't know baseball players can hurdle too? Being inside gives the team a chance to work on plyometrics.

The Mule pitchers traded in their cleats and dirt for sneakers and artificial turf-covered, wooden indoor mounds.

As the baseball team left the Field House it had to navigate through a hallway full of stretching men's lacrosse players.

To the delight of every men's lacrosse player, practice started with a timed mile run. Needless to say, it made everyone even more eager to pick up a stick ...

... and get on the "field," or in this case floor. The team did some small scrimmages and worked on faceoffs.

The team huddled together for some final instructions before ending practice with an emphatic shout of "Mules."

While the men started with a run, the women's lacrosse team took to the ground for some pushups.

Then it was time to play a little keep away to work on passing and stick defense.

Behind the giant red curtain the goalies took some shots and worked on their reflexes.

The end of women's lacrosse practice meant the beginning of men's tennis practice and the lowering of all the curtains.

Then it was time to set the nets up and get the balls out. Jeremiah Lachaud

And just like that, the John Deitrich Field House has been transformed from a lacrosse "field" into a tennis court.

Seven hours, five teams and one field house: Just your typical early season day for Mule spring sports.

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