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The Muhlenberg Accounting Society coordinates educational accounting programs that complement those provided inside the classroom. This group is open to current accounting students, prospective accounting students, and other interested parties and seeks to bring relevant speakers to campus as well as to coordinate trips that take students away from campus and into the business world. The Accounting Society is suitable for any student who has a passion for the accounting industry or simply seeks to gain additional insight into the professional world of accounting.

Anthropology Club

The Biology Club embraces the biological sciences. Whether it be through weekend hikes through Hawk Mountain, roasting marshmallows to make s'mores for the campus community, or visiting the Museum of Natural History, the members of the Biology Club consciously satisfy their curiosity and desire for adventure. The Biology Club also focuses on community service and education by hosting experiments at local after-school programs and participating in Science Day. The Biology Club is not only welcoming of biology majors but each and every Muhlenberg student. Biology is, after all, the science of our life and the life that surrounds us.

The Business and Economics Club aims to establish a closer relationship between its members and the Muhlenberg faculty; introduce its members to the world of business; and broaden our understanding of business, economics and accounting. This is done through trips to local and regional businesses, hosting guest speakers, and student/faculty events.

FacebookThe Chemistry and Biochemistry Club  at Muhlenberg College strives to educate Muhlenberg as well as the surrounding community about science. The club actively participates in Homecoming Week as well as National Chemistry Week events, and has a Relay for Life team every year. The club hosts visiting speakers from graduate schools so that upperclassmen can learn about the speaker's home institution. The organization also takes trips to local chemical facilities, performs community service in Allentown, and puts on chemistry magic shows at local schools.

Computer Science Club

The Muhlenberg Computer Science Club helps students to learn about and apply computer science on campus and in the community

The Education Society is an organization dedicated to enhancing the social and intellectual experience of future educators at Muhlenberg College. It provides a social medium whereby like-minded individuals can participate in a variety of community service experiences, gain valuable insight into the profession, and meet life-long friends.

The Muhlenberg Film Association is an organization that enables students both within and without the film department to participate in all forms of film work. Students can develop skills outside the classroom by learning how to host screenings, discuss films both foreign and popular and produce their own works within the community. Activities include screenwriting, cinematography, editing and directing workshops, The Muhlie Awards, film competitions, like the 24-hour Film Challenge, and a host of other fun experiences to enhance Film learning.

The purpose of the Forum of History is to provide a forum for all students to share their enthusiasm for history. The club engages in activities such student-faculty socials, trips to historical locations, movie nights, theme nights, professor/student discussions, and guest speaker nights. The interests of the club are as diverse as the Forum of History’s members. The club is also a resource for students in need of historical or research assistance with history majors providing such support.

The John Marshall Pre-Law Society is an organization run by students in an effort to serve as a resource for students interested in the Pre-Law track. The exec board meets once a week to organize trips to law schools and law fairs, invite speakers in legal fields and alumni to speak to the group, have LSAT study sessions, and organize trips to the local courthouse. Elections for the officers are held at the end of each Fall semester.

Le Cercle Français aims to promote French language and cultures within the campus community. By meeting on a weekly basis, the French Club engages Francophiles of all levels to speak about happenings in and around the Francophone world. The club takes a special interest in promoting cultural diversity, and has arranged campus-wide events such as National French Week, French Night at the Garden Room, and Crepe days in Seegers. The French Club also seeks to engage the greater community through their sponsorship of the Tournées French Film Festival, the Waiter/Waitress Tray Race, and fundraising efforts for homeless children in Haiti.

The Math Club is made up of a fun group of students who enjoy math or are involved with math as a major. Students in the math club have opportunities to participate in math competitions at local colleges. We also hold a math competition for local high school math students on our campus. If you enjoy doing math and having fun, come out and join us!

The Pre-Dental Club at Muhlenberg College strives to be actively involved in the Allentown community spreading knowledge about the importance of oral hygiene in local schools. The club also focuses on Dental Examination preparation along with activities involving manual dexterity skills required for the field of dentistry. The organization actively participates in fund-raising for Operation Smile, a medical charity that focuses on effective cleft lip and palate surgeries.

The Pre-Med Club provides local experiences in the medical field, insight from medical professionals, and support for pre-medical students.

The Pre-Vet Club provides students interested in pre-veterinarian studies with information, discussions, and opportunities related to animal science.

The Spanish Club is an academic, cultural, and service-oriented group dedicating to furthering the student body's understanding of Hispanic and Latin-American cultures through various activities on campus and in the greater Allentown community.

Synapse is an academic club dedicated to exploring the neurological concepts and topics present in multiple interdisciplinary fields, from scientific, humanitarian, artistic, and other perspectives. Our activities involve group discussions, lectures, informal research, social experiments, dissections. field trips, and many cookies.

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Academic Honor Societies


Alpha Epsilon Delta (Pre-Health)

Delta Phi Alpha (German)

Dobro Slovo (Slavic Studies)

Omicron Delta Epsilon (Economics)

Omicron Delta Kappa (Leadership)

Order of Omega (Greek Leadership)

Phi Alpha Theta (History)

Phi Beta Kappa (Liberal Arts)

Phi Sigma Iota (Romance)

Phi Sigma Tau (Philosophy)

Pi Mu Epsilon (Mathematics)

Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science)

Psi Chi (Psychology)

Sigma Tau Delta (English)

Theta Alpha Kappa (Religion)

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Campus Service

Cardinal Key Society

The Cardinal Key Society traces its roots back to May 28, 1940 when six members of the class of 1942 founded the Society to serve Muhlenberg College and extend goodwill to visitors. The club has grown over the years to provide a cohesive program for student involvement in the greater college community, specifically with alumni. The members work to develop traditions and instill a sense of school spirit among Muhlenberg students. Working alongside the Alumni Relations office, the members collaborate on alumni events such as Reunion/Homecoming, Honors Convocation, Commencement, as well as other alumni events. Membership to the Cardinal Key Society is limited to approximately fifty students. The selection process for first and second year students includes a written application, an interview and a review by administrative staff and current members of the organization.

Class Council Every class at Muhlenberg has their own respective Class Council. These Class Councils are a separate entity from the Student Government, serving their class members and the rest of Muhlenberg campus in the hope of strengthening our community. The Councils yearly and monthly host events such as the Homecoming Dance, Berg's Got Talent, Mr. Muhlenberg, Senior Week, and many other community engagement activities. With all students welcome to contribute ideas, there are many different positions within the council to do so - President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Signature Events Chair, Fundraising Chair and many more. Each Class Council fosters a sense of community and serves as a platform for lasting class bonding. 

Class of 2016 Advisor, Becky Grace, ORS

Class of 2017 Advisor, Katy Mangold, ORS

Class of 2018 Advisor, Kim Nguyen, Admission

Class of 2019 Advisor, Bill Keller, Public Relations

Muhlenberg College Emergency Medical Services (MCEMS) is an all-volunteer, student-run organization committed to providing professional pre-hospital medical care to the Muhlenberg College community. MCEMS operates an emergency response vehicle that is certified as a Quick Response Service at the Basic Life Support level in accordance with the Pennsylvania Department of Health and regional protocols. MCEMS operates during the college semester when the Health Center is closed (i.e. after their business hours and on weekends). Our35 members are either certified EMTs or are planning to become certified. Services provided by MCEMS are free of charge and confidential.  Website: Facebook:

The Muhlenberg Activities Council provides a wide variety of student coordinated events and activities designed to entertain, educate and enrich the lives of Muhlenberg College students.

Peer Health Advocates at Muhlenberg (PHAM) are student leaders who serve to promote the health and wellness of the campus community.  To accomplish our mission, we:

  • Empower all individuals in the community to engage in responsible decision-making by offering educational outreach activities and programming.
  • Create a community support system that fosters active healthy lifestyles by connecting existing resources on campus.
  • Lead the community in adopting health promoting behaviors by sustaining a healthy culture on campus.

Directly linked to the Health Center and Public Health minor, Peer Health Advocates at Muhlenberg is a unique organization whose members practice public health at the campus community level everyday. Check out the PHAM blog.

Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS) is a student-run, volunteer organization that provides an anonymous, confidential hotline open seven days a week through which members of the campus community can obtain guidance and support following the occurrence of sexual assault, harassment, or abuse regardless of when or where the sexual trauma occurred. SASS is a non-reporting body acting under the auspices of Counseling Services and may function as a resource to members of the campus community any amount of time after sexual violence has taken place. SASS students are trained to serve as a resource to both survivors of sexual trauma and to friends and loved ones of survivors of sexual trauma.  SASS also strives to work with other campus community partners to provide educational opportunities and programming for Muhlenberg College regarding sexual violence.

Tour Guides

The Student Government Association (SGA) serves as an executive instrument for directing student life and providing democratic government in all phases of student activity. Through its standing committees, the SGA is involved in all aspects of Student life. The Muhlenberg College Student Government is a founding member of the American Student Government Association.

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Club Sports/Athletics

The Badminton Club encourages students to keep fit by playing badminton. Students here can make friends and have fun together. We strive to learn more about the skills and standard posture.

Fencing Club


Men's Ice Hockey

Student Athlete Mentors (S.A.M.)

Swim Club

Email UsMuhlenberg Ultimate

Muhlenberg Quidditch Club

Women's Rugby

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Community Engagement

ACS - Colleges Against Cancer is a program designed to help eliminate cancer by initiating and supporting the programs of the American Cancer Society on college campuses. It is a program designed by and administered by college students across the country and is supported by the American Cancer Society. The program is designed to allow students to work through many different channels to eliminate cancer including strategic directions advocacy, cancer education programs, Relay for Life, and survivorship. Muhlenberg's chapter works alongside local offices and national leadership to support the American Cancer Society in these directions. Whether it is writing letters to Congressmen, organizing Relay for Life, or teaching students about preventing cancer, the program enables college students to battle cancer on our campus.

Adopt-a-Grandparent is an interactive group that brings together Muhlenberg students and residents of the local Phoebe Home. Students are paired up with a “grandparent” from the Phoebe Home and are encouraged to spend time together, getting to know one another. There are fun organized group activities that volunteers can attend with their grandparent and are additionally encouraged to spend 2-3 hours with their grandparent a month doing things like playing cards, board games, knitting, reading, chatting, anything of common interest. As a group, we have had ice cream socials, student performers, movie and popcorn event, and a trip to the zoo with our grandparents. This club is a great way to meet other Muhlenberg students and have fun while getting to know local Allentown residents.

Alpha Phi Omega


Best Buddies seeks to enhance the lives of people with intellectual disabilities through one-to-one friendships between Muhlenberg College students and Lehigh Valley community members with intellectual disabilities. Buddy pairs exchange phone conversations weekly and participate every month in one group event and one one-to-one get together. Our focus recently has broadened to include advocacy on campus and in the community, emphasizing utilization of People First Language and active engagement in the “Spread the Word to end the R-Word” campaign. Ultimately, Best Buddies International envisions a world where people with disabilities are so successfully integrated into our communities that our services will be unnecessary. Until that day, our chapter’s vision is to effectively develop one-to-one friendships and promote awareness among college students and community members about the abilities of people with intellectual disabilities.

Dress Upon A Star

Dress Upon a Star is a community service organization that strives to empower young women in the Allentown community, by allowing them to have a memorable prom experience, at no expense to them. Throughout the year, we collect dresses, shoes, and accessories from Muhlenberg students, faculty, staff, local Allentown businesses, and community organizations. We take our Prom Fair to the young women at William Allen High School. By holding it at their school, we allow for a comfortable, familiar, and easily accessible experience. Ultimately, our event focuses on girls reaching out to other girls. We provide these girls the opportunity to experience a momentous life event.

Habitat for Humanity is a branch chapter of Habitat International. Our group seeks to assist with local build sites. In addition we also supplement this by helping with other construction activities in our community. Habitiat is always open to new ideas and projects and we would love to see you at our meetings. Meetings are held periodically throughout the semester and will be advertised through email and/or around campus.

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Greek Life/Fraternities and Sororities


The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the governing body of all North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) member organizations maintaining an active chapter at Muhlenberg College.

Panhellenic Association


Alpha Tau Omega

Delta Tau Delta

Sigma Phi Epsilon

Zeta Beta Tau


Alpha Chi Omega

Delta Zeta

Phi Mu

Phi Sigma Sigma

Theta Nu Xi Multicultural

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Ciarla is one of Muhlenberg's oldest and strongest traditions, dating back to 1893. Ciarla has grown tremendously in the past three years and will continue to grow and expand its leadership and contribution to the Muhlenberg Community and Muhlenberg tradition. Presently, a 200-page yearbook is published geared toward including every Muhlenberg student, yet focusing on the graduating class. Ciarla offers students the opportunity to use and enhance their creativity, writing, communication, management and business skills.

Muhlenberg Broadcasting Community (MBC) allows Muhlenberg students to share their creative digital works on campus television. MCTV provides entertaining and informative content created by and for students and the campus community. The club aims to educate its members in camera use, editing, production and on-air skills.

The Muhlenberg Weekly has been the premier information source for the Muhlenberg College Community since 1883. The Weekly is a student operated newspaper which focuses on campus, community and national news, sports and arts information, as well as editorials and commentaries. The Weekly is published every full week of the academic year. The Weekly has an average circulation of over 2,500 each week, reaching: students, faculty, staff, parents, community members and alumni. The hard working, dedicated staff of the Weekly strives to deliver a newspaper that maintains journalistic integrity and the exemplary talent of Muhlenberg students.

Muses, Muhlenberg's premier art and literary magazine, publishes an annual magazine every spring featuring student poetry, prose, and visual art. Muses also fosters a community for artists at Muhlenberg by hosting open-mic opportunities every semester, and sharing information about art-based events, gatherings, workshops, and submission opportunities in and around campus. Stay up-to-date with Muses on Facebook and Twitter or join the email list at

Email UsWMUH-91.7 FM licensed to Muhlenberg College operates at 91.7 FM and worldwide on the web with a combination of student and community programmers. Students can get involved in leadership positions with interests in business, accounting, promotions and entertainment. Students receive peer to peer training and have available all the tools needed to produce a radio program. Get real world experience in sports broadcasting, program production and presentation, mixing and music.

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Performance Groups


The A Cappella Council is a supervisory and governing organization that oversees all interactions between Muhlenberg's six a cappella groups. The ACC provides support for all a cappella groups to facilitate peaceful and professional interactions and is responsible for coordinating any events that pertain to all groups. This includes, but is not limited to, auditions, rehearsal and concert booking, fundraising and the annual A Cappella Fest.

The Acafellas are Muhlenberg's all-male a cappella group, featuring a diverse repertoire of music and specializing in entertaining audiences with a blend of musical talent, casual fun, and occasional humor.

The Chaimonics is a co-ed a cappella group made up of students who enjoy singing a wide variety of music- from classic rock to pop and even in Hebrew! In addition to performing on and off campus, you may find them singing at any of Hillel's special events!

The Dynamics are Muhlenberg's oldest a cappella group. With members spreading across all majors and interests, the group performs a very diverse repertoire singing everything from popular radio hits to rap. They rehearse several times a week and perform on and off campus frequently.

FUZiiON (fusion) Dance is a co-ed collaborative dance group that focuses on Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Contemporary styles. They perform at events on and off campus throughout the year. They work collectively on concepts for all of our pieces; every member has the opportunity to propose an idea, and more notably, members also have the opportunity to choreograph their own pieces. Auditions are required, but no previous dance experience is necessary.

The Girls Next Door is an all female a cappella group at Muhlenberg founded in 1999. The Girls Next Door arrange and sing all types of music and love to do it. We serve the community and the school by performing at various events. Please contact if you'd like to book us for your next event!

Founded in 2006 by Amanda Palmer '07, InAcchord is a co-ed a cappella. The group continues to add flavor to their growing repertoire by infusing their song selections with a wide array of musical genres, giving the group a unique and diverse sound. InAcchord looks to bring its vibrant spirit and love of music to the stage to get the audience pumped up.

Live in Color - Show Choir

Mint* is a hip-hop style dance team. The club does not require any previous dance training in order to participate, but does hold auditions for performances.

The Muhlenberg Dance Association (MDA) is an active part of performing arts life on Muhlenberg's campus. Made up of students from many different programs and majors with a common interest in dance performance and production, the association presents students with the opportunity to perform, choreograph, and learn the elements of putting on a concert. Each year there is one faculty concert, two Student concerts, and two informal showcases that MDA members can audition for. The Student and informal concerts are choreographed by dance majors and minors and give members of the MDA a chance to work together and collaborate on a creative process. All shows are cast through an audition process and give dancers the opportunity to participate in multiple shows. The requirements for MDA membership is the completion of the 1-6-10 service requirement per year in which the participant must take part in at least one concert during the year, attend six meetings, and complete ten service hours, all of which allow a member to be eligible to audition for the following year. The MDA strives towards being involved with the community by performing at schools and nursing homes and participating in on-campus events such as Relay for Life. Not only does the association work towards building strong and lasting relationships between its members, but between those in the surrounding arts communities as well.

Muhlenberg Music Association

Muhlenberg Theater Association - Our mission, as one of the largest student run organizations, is to enrich the campus with theatrical performance. We do this by providing opportunities to create, participate in, and attend a variety of engaging performances. The MTA, in conjunction with the Department of Theater and Dance, produces 6 Mainstage Production & an average of 20 Student-Run Productions each year. In addition, the MTA plans and sponsors many social events, community outreach programs and educational opportunites for its members and the campus community.

Muhlenberg Tintinnabulators assist choirs when needed for performances, work on tintinnabulation through practices, provide a pleasant and helpful experience to all members, and perform hand bell repertoire throughout the year at various events.

Noteworthy is a co-ed a cappella group dedicated to performing songs from Broadway shows and movie musicals. It is the purpose of Noteworthy to give Muhlenberg College students another outlet for musical expression through an a cappella setting. They rehearse throughout the week and end the semester with a large final concert of their repertoire.

Creating excitement and enthusiasm at athletic events throughout the year, the Muhlenberg College Pep Band welcomes instrumentalists of all experience levels for exhilarating football, basketball or hockey games, fun and productive Monday night rehearsals, and delicious pre-game pancake rally breakfasts. The Pep Band draws upon a diverse repertoire consisting of classic rock and pop anthems as well as the occasional cinematic soundtrack. If you relish the prospect of performing band arrangements of songs like Smoke on the Water, Material Girl, and Pirates of the Caribbean to a crowd of Muhlenberg sports fans, this is the ensemble for you!

Student Activities

The Perkulators are an energetic, dedicated and talented group of dancers who perform at halftime of football, basketball, soccer and lacrosse games, as well as pep rallies, talent shows and other events around the campus community. Our performances are fresh, fun, clean and upbeat in order to keep the campus motivated and entertained. Under the advisement of Jane Schubert, the Perkulators are a student run organization with a membership of approximately twenty highly trained dancers. We hold auditions in early September, practice twice a week and perform throughout the academic year. Continuing to grow in number, recognition and involvement around campus, the Perkulators take pride in representing Muhlenberg College.

Rejoice, the Muhlenberg College Gospel Choir, is a spirit-filled musical ensemble. Comprised of students from various places, races and creeds, the Gospel Choir is truly reflective of the diverse interests and ethnicities within the Muhlenberg College community. Their common bond is their love of music and a passion to praise God through song.

The Soul Sound Steppers, a non-technique based dance group, welcomes students from all backgrounds to engage in a new form of dance that has origins in Africa. Step is also influenced by more contemporary dance styles such as hip-hop and jazz. We use our bodies to create rhythm and movement patterns, adding diversity to the Muhlenberg community. No auditions required.

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Special Interest


Active Minds at Muhlenberg College is an organization working to utilize the student voice to change the conversation about mental health on our campus. It is a student-run mental health awareness, education and advocacy group. Active Minds works to increase students' awareness of mental health issues through campus-wide events in an effort to remove the stigma that surrounds mental health issues, and create a comfortable environment for an open conversation about mental health issues on campus.

Anime Club members share an interest in watching anime and enjoying the culture that has formed around it.

Asian Students Association allows students to explore what it means to be Asian Americans at Muhlenberg as well as in America. Through discussions, social activities, and campus events, we build connections among the greater Muhlenberg community, with the intent of promoting awareness on contemporary and historical Asian issues.

Badminton Club

The Black Students Association provides a forum to address the issues pertaining to black students at Muhlenberg College; discusses and addresses issues of "blackness" in American society to assist the college in better preparing the black students for the world beyond the confines of Muhlenberg College; and promotes within the College a greater awareness of and sensitivity to African American culture and the concerns of presence, community, and recognition of achievement as well as initiates a vehicle to foster interracial understanding and education.

International Students Association promotes diversity, creates awareness about different cultures and global issues, and promotes global citizenship in the Muhlenberg community.

The Muhlenberg Board Game Association fosters a sense of community and brings together individuals who have a mutual interest in tabletop games.

Catholic Campus Ministry seeks to enrich all members of the Muhlenberg and Cedar Crest communities by sponsoring social, devotional, educational and service events, grounded in faith in God and handed on in the Roman Catholic tradition. We sponsor a number of activities throughout the year, such as weekly Fellowship dinners, Pancake Palooza, and Advent retreats. Mass every weekend helps students keep in touch with their faith. E-mail Father Krivak at and ask him to put you on the e-mail list. He will add you to a mail list and keep you up-to-date with all activities.

Chinese Students Association

The purpose of the College Democrats on campus is two-fold. First and foremost, it is to increase political activism and discussion on campus. In our times, college campuses are in constant danger of falling victim to the apathy and ignorance regarding world and political events. The College Democrats exist in part to spur the discussion of politics on our campus The other purpose of the College Democrats is to advance the causes, issues and candidates of the Democratic Party.

The Muhlenberg College Republicans was founded during the 1992 Presidential Election. The Republican organization has served to promote the basic conservative principles of democracy, capitalism, small government, strong national defense, and the preservation of life, liberty, and property. We work to bring a balanced spectrum of political views and ideologies to Muhlenberg’s campus, and as young conservative activists, our organization helps elect Republicans to local and national office.

Community Garden Club provides students the opportunity to become engaged in the Muhlenberg Community Garden. Students actively participate in gardening activities, and learn how to grow, care for, and harvest produce. The club wants to educate students about the benefits of growing their own food and how that impacts the environment.

Comunidad Latina has four main objectives:


  • to introduce Latino heritage to the Muhlenberg campus and give those who may be interested the opportunity to experience it
  • to promote cultural understanding
  • to enhance Latino students' knowledge of and/or pride for their ethnic heritage which includes indigenous, African, and Spanish influences, and to support the needs and goals of our Latino students
  • Additionally, we seek to nurture an increased awareness and involvement with the Latino community of Allentown and the Lehigh Valley


The Disciple Makers - Campus Christian Fellowship is a fellowship devoted to God. We are on campus to provide a place for others to learn about Christianity, and also to worship and learn about Jesus Christ. We also provide off campus learning, such as conferences in which we interact with other College fellowships to heighten our learning, love and obedience to Jesus.

FacebookWordpressEnAcT's mission is to spread environmental awareness and cultivate ecological literacy while actively taking part in the ecological betterment of the campus, local, and global communities. We offer an outlet for all students to pursue activities and intellectual explorations that fall under this general scheme. Noting the present state of environmental degradation as well as the widespread ideological misunderstanding and general apathy among people, we feel our mission is of ever-increasing importance.

The mission of the Feminist Collective is to create a safe space in which members of both the Feminist Collective and the Muhlenberg College community can discuss and learn about issues surrounding gender equality and all issues of social justice.

Gay Straight Alliance - TumblrThe SQuAd exists primarily to serve the community of Muhlenberg College. We strive to be inclusive of all people in our organization, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. We aim to (a) foster a comfortable campus environment for LGBTQ students and their allies; (b) create a physical safe space (the Pride House) which welcomes everyone and challenges heteronormativity; (c) work as an active member of Multicultural Life, explore intersectionality and confront power differences within our own organization; (d) provide academic and social activities for LGBTQ students and their allies; (e) advocate for political and social change with relevance to the LGBTQ community

Muhlenberg Gamers Association

Email UsHillel - Muhlenberg College Hillel serves the most active Jewish campus population in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley. Over 33% of the 2200 member student body at Muhlenberg College is Jewish. Over two-thirds of the Jewish students on campus are active in Hillel, making it the largest student organization of any kind on campus. Hillel is recognized by the college administration as a model for quality student-focused programming and chaplaincy. Jewish students are a proud and energetic group at Muhlenberg. Their enthusiasm and commitment drive all that we are able to accomplish.

Inside & Out: the Body Positivity Group aims to create a body-positive campus environment by working against the body-shaming culture society perpetuates to create an environment that fosters a healthy body image and encourages students to love and celebrate their bodies. We work to create change in campus culture and conversations through body-positivity campaigns, interactive programming, providing a space for honest and inclusive conversations and community art! Check out our Facebook page and if you are interested in joining, please email us!

The International Student Association works toward promoting diversity within the Muhlenberg community. Once a week, ISA members meet and enjoy the activity of the week. Often, international students have presentations about their home countries and these presentations tend to enhance ISA members’ understanding regarding that particular culture and group of people. ISA also organizes activities such as celebrating New Years from different countries. ISA strives toward highlighting the power of multiculturalism and spreading awareness of how students can become better global citizens.

The Jewelry Making Club is a society that institutes a social and creative environment for Muhlenberg students to practice the art of jewelry making, whether they are advanced or just beginning. The club globally explores the wide range of jewelry making techniques from beading to metal work, and is always open to introduce new methods. One does not need any previous jewelry making knowledge to join. The club creates a relaxed and fun environment to learn, teach, or experiment.

Kappa Kappa Psi - The Mu Xi Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi, the national co-ed band fraternity, is dedicated to providing service and leadership to the Muhlenberg College band program and surrounding Lehigh Valley communities while upholding the highest levels of musicianship in various ensembles associated with the College.

The Muhlenberg College Knit Wits is open to all students. Advanced members work on existing projects while novice knitters learn the basics in order to complete projects. The Allentown community benefits from the Knit Wits' handcrafted knitted projects through wonderful organizations such as “Stitches of Love”, which donates baby items to newborns in hospitals. As a club, we knit baby hats and booties that are distributed by Stitches of Love. We also recently completed a blanket that was donated to “Project Linus”, which provides underprivileged kids with “security” blankets. Having a knitting club on campus gives students an opportunity to set aside one hour per week to partake in a relaxing and satisfying activity with friends while sharing in friendly conversation.

The Muhlenberg Fashion Society aims to provide an environment for students to express and share their interests in style and fashion. This unique space can help the next fashion journalist practice their skills, a future stylist sharpen their eye, and the nest designer find their inspiration. During our weekly meetings we will discuss everything from local and international fashion trends, to the latest fashion publications, help one another with how to dress during formal season and, best of all, bond over a shared appreciation of fashion. You can visit our Facebook page at .

Muhlenberg International Relations Council (MIRC) strives to learn more about the global community and raise awareness on campus of global issues. Everyone is welcome to join in our interesting discussions!

MultiCultural Council

Muslim Student Association intends to raise awareness about Islamic culture and Islam as a religion within the Muhlenberg community. The meetings and events organized by MSA, such as celebrating Eids, are open to the whole community and anyone including non-Muslims can contribute and be part of it. The club is a good way for Muslim students to talk about their faith and share their experiences with each other especially since different cultures practice Islam differently. The meetings take place in the Multicultural Center, which includes a prayer room that’s open for Muslim students and faculty.

Muhlenberg Outdoors Club’s mission is to create a community of outdoor-oriented students in order to experience, learn about, and promote outdoor living.  Trips include hiking, indoor rock climbing, whitewater rafting, and various social events.  Members range in skill level from hardcore backpackers to people who have never climbed a mountain before. 

Protestant Student Faith Community

Muhlenberg Quidditch Club

Racquetball Club

Social Justice Collaborative aims to engage the campus and Allentown communities in a diversity of international social topics by fostering education, dialogue, and action.

Soka Gokkai International (SGI)

Students for Reproductive Justice is a policy focused group that discusses and works towards improving reproductive rights on an international, national, state and community level. 

Students for Sensible Drug Policy mobilizes and empowers young people to participate in the political process, pushing for sensible policies to achieve a safer and more just future, while fighting back against counterproductive Drug War policies, particularly those that directly harm students and youth.

Supporting Our Troops Club (S.O.T.C) is dedicated to bring awareness to the Muhlenberg community of our military personnel fighting and stationed overseas. The club consists of a variety of fund-raising activities and events to raise money to send care packages, seek out charitable donations, and collect letters to be sent to  the troops from all Muhlenberg students on an ongoing basis. We also invite guest speakers to talk to the Muhlenberg community. The club works with charities including: Veterans Support Organization, Adopt a Platoon, A Million Thanks, Operation Troop Aid, and Wounded Warriors Project. The club also presents students with various statistics about our soldiers, such as the number of troops deployed,  where they are stationed, how long they are scheduled to be there, and their mission. The club not only brings awareness about our troops in action but aims to show appreciation to the military for their service to our country and for protecting our freedom. If you are interested in joining, please e-mail President Patrick Moran '17 or VP Michael Wagner '17.

Muhlenberg Winter Sports

Muhlenberg Trans* Advocacy Coalition supports all students under the trans* umbrella, including, but not limited to, transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming individuals on Muhlenberg’s campus and in the wider Lehigh Valley community. We are an advocacy group focused on creating a safe space both inside and outside our meetings. We strive to create institutional policy changes to make campus safer, more inclusive, and welcoming to gender variant individuals; to reach out to campus and wider Lehigh Valley community to provide education and promote policy change; to provide a safe space and supportive community for trans* students; and to be an active part of the wider multicultural community on campus, alongside the other Multicultural Center organizations.

As one of the newest and fastest growing performance groups on campus, the Ukulele Ensemble is a club dedicated to music, fun, and (you guessed it!) ukuleles! We play several gigs per semester at various campus events, and arrange and practice new music on a weekly basis. We’re always looking for fresh ideas and new faces, and encourage everyone to join, from beginners who just want to learn to seasoned uke-masters. Check us out on our Facebook page for more information, or stop by a rehearsal to find out more!

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