Greek Affairs

Greek-letter Social Fraternities & Sororities

Fraternity & sorority life at Muhlenberg College consists of eight (8) nationally or internationally affiliated Greek-letter organizations. Each chapter traditionally holds membership recruitment and education programs in the fall of each year. Students interested in becoming members must meet or exceed certain standards, both behaviorally and academically.

Being a member of a Greek organization provides a host of benefits including the opportunity to develop and refine leadership skills, participate in local community service and national philanthropic projects, and form lifelong friendships within an inter/national brotherhood or sisterhood. Members of the fraternity & sorority community can boast of involvement in practically every facet of campus life and support many campus initiatives. The chapters strive to provide for their members growth-oriented opportunities and experiences that are consistent with the mission of the College.


Fraternity and Sorority members are everywhere! Over 70% of chapter members are involved in other campus clubs and organizations. 30% of all members not only participate in other organizations, they run them! This includes serving as Student Body President, presidential assistants, writing assistants, tutors, resident advisors, and tour guides!

In addition to offering leadership through roles within the chapter, every Muhlenberg chapter conducts at least one leadership development activity for its membership annually. Many chapters have also begun to incorporate teambuilding activities within their new member education programs.


Most chapters have cumulative and semesterly grade point averages that are among the highest in their organizations nationally. More than half of all chapter members have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better. All chapters execute an annual “academic success program” to assist and reward members for academic achievement. These programs may include (inter)national and local scholarships, incentives and awards, time management and study skills workshops, and tutoring and mentoring programs. Fraternity & Sorority GPAs have been higher that independent student GPAs for the past five years.


All chapters are required to adequately complete an Annual Review process.  The process sets standards for academic success, philanthropic and community service contributions, effective chapter management, and participation in the broader Muhlenberg and Allentown Communities.

Every chapter holds its members accountable to the standards and values of the organization. "Being Greek" is a full time responsibility; Once you accept the letters of your organization, you represent the organization in everything you do, whether you are wearing those letters or not.

All chapters have functioning alumni boards, chapter advisors and academic advisors. These resources are in place to help the chapter live out its mission and creed. Alumni are a valuable tool in helping you to understand the lifelong expectations of fraternity or sorority membership.

Philanthropy and Service

Over the past four year, fraternity and sorority members have raised nearly $70,000 and contributed over 40,000 service hours to charitable organizations. Pretty impressive when you consider that chapter members account for less than one-quarter of the student population.