Strategic Plan

Download the OML’s Strategic Plan 2016-19 Executive Summary

OML’s strategic priorities over the 2016-17 to 2019 academic years are exemplified in the following pillars:

  • Multicultural Center: Stewarding a space that welcomes its constituent groups and all members of the Muhlenberg community and serves as a site for programming that fulfills the mission of OML
  • Diversity and social justice education: Partnering with campus and community groups to create co-curricular opportunities that help expand cultural knowledge, skills, and competencies
  • Retention and success of minoritized populations: Supporting the retention of students through advocacy, mentoring programs, support groups, and other sources of succor.
  • Leadership development: Promoting student leadership development through organizational advising, trainings and retreats. 
  • Community building: Sponsoring social events and educational programs that promote inclusion within marginalized identities and across communities, and supporting student and professional groups whose work aims to build communities oriented toward social justice.

Our strategic planning spanned across the 2015-16 academic year and was designed to include the Center’s key stakeholders: students, faculty, community partners, on-campus staff partners, alumni and OML staff.  We convened a strategic planning group made up of 12 faculty staff, students, and alumni charged with providing formal input on OML’s vision, mission, programs and goals, including how OML can best align what it does best with its values and culture.

The strategic planning process resulted in the five priorities named above through a revision of the office’s vision and mission, an assessment of internal operations, and relationships with its stakeholders.