Residential Life

Katy Mangold Languages, Literatures, & Cultures

Associate Director of Residential Education

I have been a part of Residence Life here at Muhlenberg since 2001.  While the campus, the students, and our daily work change from year to year, my passion for working with students in this capacity continues to grow.  I was a live-in professional staff for the first 15 years here, and the Muhlenberg students I lived next to were always so good to my family - being respectful and caring, and that is something I am still thankful for.

My main role here is to guide the Resident Advisor program and make sure they are the very best examples of what a student leader should be. Their primary goal is to build a floor and hall community for their residents, and help everyone navigate their way here.  I am particularly excited about our Residential Curriculum which will begin the Fall.  I am hopeful that the programs, workshops and events the curriculum will offer, will help our students become better versions of themselves and allow them to be more active members in our community.

My passions outside of Muhlenberg keep me just as busy. My husband Mike and I are proud parents to our daughter Hanna and our son Ben, both of whom love visiting the campus, so if you see us out and about - say hello!  They are now High schoolers and Hanna is only 2 years away from starting her own college adventure.  I am also a Girl Scout Leader to 12 high school girls that I've watched grow up since they were in 1st Grade.  I am incredibly proud of the strong, intelligent and resourseful young women they have grown up to be.  I used to be a middle school special education teacher before Muhlenberg, and have been working toward my masters in Leadership Education as one day, I would love to return to the field.

I'm always up for a coffee/tea to chat and get to know our students, so if you ever need your questions answered, some #adulting advice, or just crafting ideas, don't hesitate to stop by my office and say hello!