Residential Life

Community Involvement

Living in college housing at Muhlenberg College is much more than a place to sleep and study. There will be lots of opportunities to meet other residents and become involved in a variety of activities. Below are listed some of the ways in which our residential communities come together:

Community Meetings - Residence staff will hold periodic meetings both on floors and for the entire building to share information regarding living guidelines, vacation periods, and various housing processes. In these meeting you are encourage to share you thoughts and concerns about living in our residence communities.

Community Events - Residence staff plan a variety of events each month to promote interaction among residents and to provide information on a variety of topics in a fun and engaging way.

Appreciation Days - At various times throughout the year you may be asked to participate in events that show appreciation for the people that work in the residence facilities such as Housekeepers, Resident Advisors, etc.

Community Service Projects - There are lots of opportunities to get involved in community service projects or fundraisers. Each year all buildings and areas are asked to coordinate community service projects. Some past projects have been: Story Hour at a local elementary school, Dance at a local senior citizen home, AIDS Walk, Trick or Treating for children from local shelters, etc.

Intramural Sports - Often residents of a particular floor or building will form an intramural team and participate in some healthy competition with other floors, buildings, or campus groups.