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Pre-K-4 Certification

The Pre-K-4 certification permits the candidate to teach in early childhood settings as well elementary schools up to grade 4. There are a total of 14 education courses along with the cognate and major courses.  

  • A bachelor’s degree in any major offered at Muhlenberg
  • Required Cognate Courses
    • 2 courses in mathematics (one must be Fundamentals of Mathematics or Shape & Symmetry)
    • Writing Composition
    • British or American Literature
    • Biology
    • Physical Science
    • Foundations of the Creative Arts
    • World Geography
  • Education Courses:
    • History and Politics of American Education
    • Educational Psychology: Child Learning and Development
    • Introduction to Special Education
    • Introduction to Early Childhood Education
    • Integrating Curriculum and Instruction for Young Learners
    • Theory and Practice of Teaching English Language Learners
    • Language and Early Literacy Education
    • Literacy & Social Studies Education
    • Mathematics Education for Young Learners
    • Science Education for Young Learners
  • Professional Semester:
    • Assessment and Evaluation
    • Studies in Professional Education
    • Student Teaching I
    • Student Teaching II

If you are interested, please contact our office to schedule an initial meeting with the Director of Teacher Certification. A copy of your resume and any transcripts you may have will be helpful in assessing what courses you will need to take. Additionally, you might want to download these files:

Teacher Certification Frequently Asked Questions
Teacher Certification Brochure

I would like to schedule an advisement meeting.

If you have any additional questions or would like to speak with an academic advisor, please contact us at 484-664-3300 or wescoe@muhlenberg.edu.

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