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Required Clearances

The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires all student teachers and fieldwork students to have the clearances listed below. Detailed information will be given to all students during information sessions held on campus. The original documents should be kept in a safe place with copies available for The Wescoe School, the Education Department, and building administrators during fieldwork and student teaching. All clearances must be renewed annually as mandated by The Pennsylvania Department of Education.

The following links should help with this endeavor:

Act 34 Criminal Record Check

• On the PSP webpage, under “PSP Service,” click “Criminal History Request.” This moves you to the PATCH system page.
• A Security Alert will come up. Please click “OK.”
• On the PA Access page select “Submit a New Record Check.” • On this page, please review the “Terms and Conditions for the use of PATCH.” Scroll to the bottom of the page. Here, by clicking the “Accept” button, you will move into the page to begin the process. If you click “Decline” you cannot go further and get your clearances online.
• On the “Personal Information” page beside “Reason For Request,” click on the down arrow. Then click on “Education Act 34”.
• From this point you will need to move through the remaining pages as directed to pay for and receive your clearance printout. You will receive the clearance printout after the application has been completed online unless there is a need for extensive research by the PSP. The official record is the one with the Pennsylvania State Seal and evidence of certification by the Pennsylvania State Police (located in bottom left corner). A credit card is required for payment for each clearance request.
• This clearance must be renewed annually.

Child Abuse History Clearance

• Directions and mailing address are detailed on the PA Dept. of Public Welfare Web site..
• Print and complete the Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance Form (CY-113) form.

Federal Criminal History

• The preliminary registration is done through the Cogent Web site.
• Click on the link for PA Department of Education.
• The site will direct you to approved fingerprinting locations.

Tuberculin Test

• This test is available from the Student Health Center or from your family physician and may be completed the first week of the semester.

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