Wescoe School

A Change in Plans...

Wescoe SchoolA lover of the arts, animals, nature, gardening and family, Molly Frame is far from a simple woman. Born Mary Dornin Frame, Molly currently holds an undergraduate degree in art and archaeology from Washington University, and two master’s degrees in the arts and humanities.

Already a highly educated woman, Molly comes to the Wescoe School looking for a change.

Molly is making a major career change from the arts to veterinary medicine. She needs to successfully complete the same undergraduate science work as students on a traditional pre-medical track. There are only 28 veterinary schools in the country, so getting into one is highly competitive. “I knew that coming to a school like the Wescoe School with a reputation for excellence in the sciences would give me the best chance of gaining admission to a vet school,” says Molly.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Molly spent her former life in the art world. She was a corporate and private art consultant in New York for close to eight years. She has many passions but most include her love of animals; specifically animal welfare, animal medicine and the relief of animal suffering. “This is what drives me in my current coursework towards a career in small animal veterinary medicine,” says Molly.  Molly volunteers her time at the Emmaus Animal Hospital, shadowing veterinarian Dr. Rick Grgurich.

She observes surgeries, helps out in exam rooms with appointments, assists with vaccinations and interacts with pet owners. ”Dr. Grgurich took me under his wing. He encouraged me to get comfortable with both the profound and profane aspects of veterinary medicine, from being in exam rooms for new puppy vaccination visits to being present for euthanasia appointments.” With his help, Molly has been exposed to all aspects of small animal medicine. “I am truly grateful for his support, and the support of the whole staff at Emmaus Animal Hospital,” she says.

Recently her travels took her to Thailand for a friend’s wedding. Molly figured this was a “once in a lifetime” opportunity and traveled around Thailand before meeting up with friends in Bangkok. She found herself at The Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation, located at and supported by the Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp in Chiang Rai, Thailand. She spent three days with an elephant named “Boosi,” learning commands (in Thai), walking, trekking, feeding and bathing him. “It was an unforgettable experience, one of the most amazing things I have ever done. I have such a profound appreciation for elephants now. They are truly incredible animals!”

In addition to veterinary school, Molly is considering a trip out of the country this summer through an organization called World Vets. World Vets provides international aid for animals by providing free veterinary care. They also provide the opportunity for people with varying levels of experience in veterinary medicine to gain hands-on experience.

“As a veterinary student, I will practice and perfect my surgical prep and anesthesia experience, and learn how to spay and neuter cats and dogs from a licensed, practicing veterinarian one-on-one,” says Molly.

“I also have always had an odd desire to travel to a different part of the world to see a total solar eclipse. It sounds peculiar, but I’d like to experience a solar eclipse in the company of strangers who don’t share my language, culture, or my understanding of science. I’ve always thought this would be an unforgettably fascinating experience,” says Molly.

So, remember her name “Molly Frame.” This remarkable woman will surely make her mark on the world, whether here in the United States or abroad.

For more information check out Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation, or World Vets.