Wescoe School

A Wescoe education opens doors

Governor Tom Corbett has appointed Ada Rivera ’09 to the Cancer Control, Prevention and Research Advisory Board (CAB). As a member of CAB, Ada will meet with 10 other members four times a year in Harrisburg. The board will work to advise the Secretary of Health on cancer control and prevention-related issues and foster a state cancer plan.

Ada, who holds a degree in, has worked for the Lehigh Valley Health Network for approximately five years. “The LVHN’s Office of Government and Legislative Affairs is always looking for leaders to play a more influential role with our government partners and thought I’d be a good match for the position, so they worked with our state officials to secure my appointment,” explains Ada.

Before graduating from Muhlenberg, she began working for the Network as a Manager of Patient Financial Services. Around the same time Ada earned her degree, she was promoted to Associate Director of Centro De Salud, Center for Health, a primary care practice that addresses patient healthcare disparities by a care team that is bicultural and bilingual.

“Doors opened tremendously for additional opportunities ever since I received my degree,” she says. Ada chose the Wescoe School because of its respected reputation and structure of classes. “Five weeks for each class and utilizing presentation skills throughout the 22 months was the design that really convinced me this is how I wanted to proceed with my education. The team concept was effective and, even though there were some minor bumps along the way, we learned a great deal from one another,” adds Ada.

She credits the knowledge and experience gained while earning her degree with fostering success in her career. “One example is how my education has refined my presentation skills to the point I have the confidence to address a group effectively. I feel I do a better job presenting data for any project. I have developed the tools that helped me organize, filter and display data in a way that not only tells the story but backs it up factually. ”

Ada’s leadership role with LVHN has continued to blossom. In addition to her other responsibilities, she went on to become the Project Director for the National Cancer Institute Community Cancer Center’s Program subcontract, which addresses healthcare disparities in cancer care within our community. This has been a rewarding experience for Ada because it has given her the opportunity to participate in the network's mission to increase cancer screening compliance to ensure cancer is caught at an earlier stage for more successful  treatment outcomes and to provide the patients of this community the latest scientific advances and evidence based care close to home.

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