Wescoe School

By getting involved with the Association of Psychological Sciences..

As current student at The Wescoe School,  Kate Robbins had the opportunity to attend the Association of Psychological Sciences (APS) conference in Washington, DC. She presented a poster describing research she conducted in her Advanced Lab course, which is a requirement for all Muhlenberg Psychology majors.

Professor Jeff Rudski suggested a topic that combined Kate's interest in Mathematics and Psychology. Under his guidance, she reviewed literature on the Ratio Bias effect and created a survey to assess the Ratio Bias effect in risky situations. During the process, she discovered little had been done on this topic.

At the APS event, Robbins was able to share her findings with students and instructors from several institutions. This opportunity inspired her to explore beyond her project's initial implications and consider directions for future research. In addition, her attendence at the conference included participation in sessions conducted by research scientists from around the world specializing in Cognitive, Social and Developmental Psychology. Robbins also attended a special session for students considering graduate study in the field.

 A highlight of the conference was when Kate met a Muhlenberg College graduate who had since earned a doctorate in Psychology. Robbins concludes, “This conference really helped me to see where my interests in psychology and mathematics education overlap and I look forward to exploring that overlap in the future. Overall, it was a great experience."