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Comments for President-Elect John Williams

Muhlenberg College invites students, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends to share comments and well-wishes to John I. Williams Jr..

The list below is a comprehensive collection of comments shared with president-elect Williams. To view the press release or to leave a comment, visit our News Center. For a full biography, visit the President-Elect website.

Welcome to the Muhlenberg Family, John and Diane - great days ahead!

- Randy Helm, Muhlenberg College president

Welcome to the Muhlenberg College community, President-Elect Williams. I look forward to meeting you.

- Mitch Hanna, alumnus

Looking forward to your leadership and partnership. Welcome, welcome...

- Peter Pettit, associate professor of religion studies, director of Institute for Jewish-Christian Understanding

Congratulations on your appointment as the next president of Muhlenberg. Wishing you great success and happiness.

- Karen Scheible '80

Welcome. As both a grateful parent (Seana Benz '14) & a liberal arts grad (Colgate '78), I am relieved to know Muhlenberg will remain in good hands.

- Clare Kilpatrick Benz, parent

I wish you the best as you take the helm of this wonderful institution. You are spot on with regards to the value of a liberal arts degree in our complex and challenging world we live in today.

- David R Kirlin, DPM, alumnus

This is very exciting. So great to meet you and Diane. Welcome to the Muhlenberg family. 'Berg is poised for greatness.

- Mike Bruckner, vice president for public relations

Congratulations and welcome to Berg. Im sure you will be a great addition.

- Larry Glazerman '72

Welcome to Muhlenberg. We wish you much success.

- David Dapkewicz, alumnus

Muhlenberg will gain much from your engagement, John, and I hope that you will enjoy Muhlenberg as much as I did and still do. I look forward to working with you in Muhlenberg's ongoing evolution.

- Donna Schultz Van Fleet, alumna

Welcome to Muhlenberg. The Registrars Office looks forward to working with you in the coming years.

- Debbie Tamte-Horan, registrar

Excited to see Muhlenberg is continuing to appoint leaders with great resumes to help move Muhlenberg into the future. All the best, John.

- Johan Hohman '00

Welcome to Muhlenberg. You will enjoy your time at the College and further enhance its greatness.

- Ed Bonekemper '64

Thrilling news. Muhlenberg is both a place to cherish and a place open to change. Good luck building on its strong foundation and expanding its liberal arts reputation.

- Sue Williams, friend of the College

We are very proud of Muhlenberg to have made such an impressive choice. Best of luck, John and Jim.

- John Biondi and Jim Murphy, alumni

Welcome. I am saddened to see Randy go, but so excited you have been chosen to follow him. I see many great things ahead for the 'Berg.

- Lucy Puryear, alumna

As I watched the press conference, I was filled with renewed pride for what Muhlenberg represents. I am excited for the future successes that are sure to come under John Williams' leadership.

- Stephanie Siegel, alumna

Congratulations and best wishes for a long and successful tenure.

- Elizabeth Lischner, alumna

Congratulations and welcome to the Muhlenberg family. I look forward to meeting you and Diane during my visit in September 2015 celebrating my 50th reunion.

- Edward J. Bloch M.D. '65

President Williams, you lead by example of one whose distinguished career can be so multifaceted. Congratulations and welcome. I look forward to meeting and collaborating with you.

- Mara Weissmann '82

Congratulations to the search committe for thinking outside the box. Best wishes and much success at 'Berg.

 - Dan Spengler, alumnus

Welcome to the Muhlenberg Community. As a '53 grad and '81 D.Sc. Ed, I have had the experience of watching the College grow, happily in a very positive direction. I look forward to your tenure.

- Ed Martin '53

Congratulations to Muhlenberg on selecting to a true visionary as your next leader. My law school classmate and fellow Amherst trustee, John, will distinguish himself.

- Scott Turow, friend of the College

Delighted with the news of your appointment. Heartiest congrats and all best wishes for success in your new venture which bodes so well for our college.

- Wolf Koenig, alumnus

On behalf of the Young Alumni Council, I want to welcome you to the Muhlenberg College community. We wish you the best of luck on this new journey and look forward to working with you.

- Catherine Schwartz, alumna

Welcome to Muhlenberg. Best wishes in your endeavors ahead.

- Hayim Weiss '94

Congratulations on your appointment as President. You have a powerful commitment to higher ed and young people and Muhlenberg is lucky to have your leadership.

- Jeff Bradach, friend of the College