Expense Reimbursement

Employee travel and related expenses are reimbursed on the Expense Reimbursement Form.  The employee completes the Expense Reimbursement Form, attaches receipts and submits to the supervisor.  All travel and related expenses must be approved by the supervisor.  Travel and related expenses are reimbursed for the employee only.  Travel and related expenses for family members are not reimbursable.  Receipts are required for all expenses.    

Please complete all sections of the Expense Reimbursement Form.  In the upper area of the form fill in your name, date, Berg ID#, purpose for the travel and your college department.  Please also indicate if you are reconciling a cash advance. 

The mid portion of the form requests specific information regarding the date for the travel (for example - from 01/08/2013 to 01/11/2013), the location for the travel (city and state), the reason for the travel (conference, recruiting, alumni visit, etc.).  Please indicate in the transportation area how you traveled to your approved destination.  If you use your own vehicle, list the total mileage.  If you used a rental car or public transportation (train, bus, plane) indicate that also in this area along with the cost and attach a receipt for the expenditure.  You are encouraged to use the Muhlenberg College travel group Travel Leaders to book airline reservations and you should notate that airline travel was scheduled with Travel Leaders.  Contact Linda Nemes in the Finance office for information regarding Travel Leaders.  

List the cost for meals in the Meal section.  Include receipts for all meal expenditures when requesting reimbursement.  If a receipt is for payment for a group the names of all guests must be listed on the form.

Include your receipt for hotel expenditures.  Room service is not reimbursed as part of the hotel cost.  Also movie, gym and laundry charges will not be reimbursed.

List charges for other items in the Other area and add all charges and list in the Total column. 

Check the Controller website for the current mileage rate to calculate your reimbursable mileage expense.  The flat mileage rate and tolls are the only expenses reimbursed when using your personal vehicle.  Gas receipts are to be submitted for reimbursement when using college vehicles or rental cars.

The lower portion of the Expense Reimbursement Form requires assignment of appropriate account codes to charge expenses. 

There is a line for the employee signature and also for your supervisor’s signature.  The supervisor signature confirms approval of the expenses.  You may not approve expenditures for yourself regardless of the amount.  If you are a Department Head, you must submit your Expense Reimbursement Form to the appropriate dean for approval.  The supervisor will forward the completed and approved Expense Reimbursement Form to the Controller’s office for review and payment.

If a receipt is missing you are required to complete an affidavit or explanation for the expense.

Get the Expense Reimbursement Form here ‌.

Please refer to the Purchasing Manual for regulations governing Muhlenberg College purchases. If you are responsible for the budget in your department, please be aware of your line item amounts and budget totals and do not exceed those amounts. Please pay particular attention to end of year criteria.

Revised 03/13