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The Morning Call, July 01, 2022

Professor of Biology Marten Edwards spoke with the Morning Call about the arrival of jumping worms in the Lehigh Valley. Read More

The New York Times, July 01, 2022

Chris Borick, professor of political science and director of the Muhlenberg Institute of Public Opinion, discusses Pennsylvania's competitive and centrist 7th congressional district in an article that asks why moderate Democrats are vanishing. Read More

E & E News, June 24, 2022

Governor's race portends energy future in fossil-heavy Pa.

There are real, clear distinctions between the candidates on [energy policy], and it's an important topic right now in the broader economic and public health realm, says Chris Borick (political science). Read More

The Philadelphia Inquirer, June 24, 2022

Pa. primary election set voter turnout records

To grow turnout, you have to have really ripe conditions, and it's here right now in Pennsylvania, says Chris Borick (political science). Read More

Penn Capital Star, June 24, 2022

Fetterman, Shapiro are teaming up in 2022. Will it help, hurt?

Chris Borick (political science) on how they will work to build on each other's strengths. Read More

Easton Express-Times, June 17, 2022

Oz and Fetterman face distinct challenges heading into U.S. Senate campaign in Pa.

Chris Borick (political science) comments. Read More

WDIY FM, June 17, 2022


State Rep. Michael Schlossberg, a 2005 Muhlenberg alum, has introduced a new $100 million proposal to help address mental health priorities. Read More

City Of Allentown, June 17, 2022

The City of Allentown will Host a Juneteenth Celebration

Muhlenberg is one of the collaborators of the event which will take place Sunday, June 19, at Cedar Beach Park. Read More

Patriot News, June 17, 2022

Could a possible congressional deal on guns be a sign the partisan divide is closing?

Chris Borick (political science), says he's seeing "some polling signs that Americans are more willing to find space for compromise." Read More

The Philadelphia Inquirer, June 17, 2022

John Fetterman says he's not a typical politician. Is that enough in a brutal climate for Democrats?

The images of Fetterman will try to 'other' him, to make him threatening to older, more moderate voters, says Chris Borick (political science). Read More

Wlvr (npr/bethlehem), June 17, 2022

Plans roll out for network of electric vehicle charging stations

Transitioning to electric vehicles reduces greenhouse gases, mitigating climate change, says Rich Niesenbaum (sustainability studies). Read More

Harrisburg Patriot News, June 10, 2022

Oz and Fetterman face distinct challenges heading into the general election campaign

Chris Borick (political science) shares insights. Read More

WESA, June 10, 2022

The firefly population could be declining

Marten Edwards (biology) says the Edwards says the main culprit is the loss of their natural habitats. Read More

The Morning Call, June 10, 2022

How worried should we be now that monkeypox has arrived in Pa.?

We're not at that same level of COVID concern, but we certainly need to pay attention, says Chrysan Cronin (public health). Read More

The Morning Call, June 10, 2022

'Every year is a bad tick year': As summer settles in, Lehigh Valley residents reminded to protect themselves against tick-borne disease

Helpful tips from our tick expert Marten Edwards (biology). Read More

Oktopost Podcast, June 10, 2022

The Key to Finding Balance between Authenticity & Performance on Social Media

Jeff Pooley (media and communication) unravels this dilemma -- or opportunity. Listen

Associated Press, June 10, 2022

Editorial Roundup: Pennsylvania

Chris Borick (political science) says no governor owns voting, elections, referring to GOP candidate Mastriano. Read More

WFMZ, June 03, 2022

Celebrating the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth

William Tighe (history) weighs in on whether the monarchy is still relevant today. Read More

Associated Press, June 03, 2022

EXPLAINER: Can Pa. GOP candidate make voters re-register?

Chris Borick (political science) discusses Doug Mastriano's proposed plan. Read More

The Morning Call, May 27, 2022

Bethlehem's Bach Choir announces new artistic director and conductor to lead music program

The baton is passed to Director of Choral and Vocal Studies and Assistant Professor of Music Chris Jackson. Read More

The Morning Call, May 27, 2022

PHOTOS: Muhlenberg College Graduation 2022 Read More

Pittsburgh Tribune Review, May 27, 2022

What went wrong with Conor Lamb's U.S. Senate campaign?

What he didn't have was the right match for this moment in American politics and, particularly, in Pennsylvania politics, says Chris Borick (political science). Read More

Marrietta Daily Journal (ga), May 27, 2022

Democrats Face Political Headwinds but Pennsylvania May be Different

Doug Mastriano's brand of politics, when juxtaposed against someone like Josh Shapiro, is going to be tougher to sell to a general election audience, says Chris Borick (political science). Read More

Star Telegram (tx), May 27, 2022

For Pennsylvania GOP, no turning back in bid as party leaders back Doug Mastriano for governor

Chris Borick (political science) said he expects Democrats to remind voters during the general election campaign that even members of Mastriano's own party had reservations about him. Read More

Dan Abrams Live, May 20, 2022

PA GOP Primary Senate Race Likely Headed for a Recount

Despite the GOP candidates' concerns about election fraud in 2020, Tuesday's Pennsylvania Primary election processes were exactly the same, says Chris Borick (political science). Watch Now

NBC, May 20, 2022

NBC10 in Philadelphia: Pennsylvania Voters to Select Candidates for Open U.S. Senate Seat

Christopher Borick (political science) speaks about some of the factors in the races. Watch Now

Japan Today, May 20, 2022

How corporate takeovers are fundamentally changing podcasting

Published first in 'The Conversation,' the article by John Sullivan (media & communication) has run nationally and internationally in 31 media outlets. Read More

Wlvr (npr/bethlehem), May 20, 2022

Pennsylvania boosts budget to tackle black fly population

Marten Edwards (biology) says spraying will make being outside a lot more comfortable. Black flies are sprayed with BTI, a naturally occurring bacteria that is non-toxic to humans. Read More

Cnn, May 20, 2022

Voters to Decide Key Primaries Today

Chris Borick, (political science) is a guest on 'Early Start with John Berman and Zoraida Sambolin.' Read More

Usa Today, May 20, 2022

Primary Tuesday

Fetterman is heavily favored for the Democrats but Chris Borick (political science) says it's too close to call in the tightening GOP race. Read More

ABC, May 20, 2022

6ABC in Philadelphia: Race for GOP Senate nomination in Pennsylvania coming down to wire

Chris Borick (political science) provides context. Watch Now

Brookings Institution, May 13, 2022

How Americans want to tackle climate change

Americans continue to favor reducing greenhouse gas emissions as their preferred approach for staving off the worst impacts of climate change, write Barry Rabe and Christopher Borick (political science). Read More

Wlvr (npr/bethlehem), May 13, 2022

Climate change is real for 3 out of 4 Americans

WLVR News @WLVRNews . 15h More Americans than ever before say they believe in climate change, according to a national poll from the Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion. Read More

WITF, May 13, 2022

Muhlenberg survey finds most Americans say they've felt the effects of climate change

More than 3/4ths of Americans say the temperatures on Earth have risen over the past four decades. Read More

Bloomberg News, May 13, 2022

How Pennsylvania's Abortion Fight Could Play Out Across the Country

"Imagine Josh Shapiro saying in an ad, 'If Republicans control the state legislature-and given the decision out of the Supreme Court-I'm the last barrier to protect reproductive rights.'" -Chris Borick (political science) Read More

Other News, May 13, 2022

The Exhilarating (But Complicated) World of Peak Superhero

Even as the Avengers attempt to work together, they're thwarted by their own ego-driven manipulations, says Kenneth Michniewicz (psychology). Read More

WITF, May 13, 2022

Pa. Republican governor candidates push for parents' rights in public education

Candidates who promise an end to what they perceive as indoctrination are delivering what can be an effective message, according to Chris Borick (political science). Read More

Dirty Bird Podcast, May 06, 2022

Pane in the Glass: The Deadly Effect of Windows on Birds

An Interview with Ornithologist Daniel Klem (biology) Read More

Looking At Birds Podcast, May 06, 2022

Looking at Birds: A Birding Podcast

After dedicating decades of his life to avian window collisions, Daniel Klem (biology) is widely recognized as the foremost authority on the subject. Read More

Free To Think Podcast, May 06, 2022

"There's no way you did that!" Learning to speak truth to power through the SAR Student Advocacy Seminars

Episode 23 features Brian Mello (political science), who leads a Scholars at Risk Student Advocacy Seminar, and his student Bhavna Prakash. Read More

Associated Press, May 06, 2022

Election fraud claims thrive on Pennsylvania campaign trail

Democrats have not shied away from emphasizing the GOP's efforts to overturn 2020's election. Pollsters who have surveyed on it, including Chris Borick, say majorities are skeptical about election fraud claims & resulting investigations. Read More

The Philadelphia Inquirer, May 06, 2022

Who's Speaking at Philly-area Commencement Ceremonies?

Physician and bioethicist Dr. Benjamin Wilfond '81, will speak at Muhlenberg's 174th Commencement & receive an honorary degree alongside environmentalist Karen El-Chaar. Read More

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, May 06, 2022

With Hatch's passing, bipartisanship loses a role model

Chris Borick (political science) comments. Read More

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, May 06, 2022

Mehmet Oz looking for Trump magic - and boost in Pa.'s GOP U.S. Senate bid - at rally in Greensburg

Chris Borick, director of the Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion, said it's clear that Mr. Trump's endorsement carries weight, particularly in fragmented primary fields. Read More

WFMZ, April 29, 2022

Ceremony, remembrance walk at Muhlenberg College honor Holocaust victims

Members of The Jewish Fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) organized the ceremony to honor Yom Ha'Shoah or Holocaust Remembrance Day. Read More

WFMZ, April 29, 2022

Muhlenberg College celebrates Earth Day Read More

The Philadelphia Inquirer, April 29, 2022

Meet the wealthy Delco insider running for PA governor

White seems to have a pretty powerful personal narrative: a working-class Pennsylvanian who has done well for himself and now wants to apply it to politics, says Christopher Borick (political science) Read More (germany), April 22, 2022

Glass windows kill billions of birds a year. Scientists are working to change that

After decades of sounding the alarm, Daniel Klem (biology) is finally seeing the awareness he's been hoping for. "We could solve bird collisions tomorrow. It's not complicated, we just have to want it." Read More

Yahoo News, April 22, 2022

New book details ways to prevent bird deaths at windows

Simple technology for renters & homeowners developed by Daniel Klem (biology) has the potential to save the lives of millions of birds. Read More

Usa Today, April 22, 2022

String of May Republican primaries to test Trump's staying power in the GOP

While Trump remains the most popular Republican in the party, some of his polling numbers have trailed off in recent months, says Chris Borick (political science). Read More

Looking At Birds: A Birding Podcast, April 22, 2022

E21 - Daniel Klem Jr + American Woodcock

After dedicating the last 48 years of his life to avian window collisions, Klem is widely-recognized as the foremost authority on the subject. Read More

Pittsburth Post-Gazette, April 22, 2022

Front-runner Fetterman defends his platform in Democratic U.S. Senate debate

Fetterman missed the first debate opportunity earlier this month in Allentown, and it didn't go unnoticed. Mr. Lamb and Mr. Kenyatta used a big chunk of the debate at Muhlenberg College to poke fun at the empty lectern. Read More

Associated Press, April 15, 2022

Fetterman, Democrats confront a newly hostile Senate primary

Lamb and Kenyatta criticized Fetterman at Muhlenberg College's democratic debate. Read More

Wttw Pbs (chicago), April 15, 2022

Birder's March Madness-Style Bracket Pits Birds Against Chicago's Collision Threats

Robyn Detterline created a new March Madness bracket - birds vs Chicago windows - after reading Ornithology Professor Dan Klem's book "Solid Air." Read More

WHYY, April 15, 2022

Pa. Elections: Political Roundtable

Chris Borick (political science) is a guest on "Radio Times" to discuss what is being called one of the most consequential primary elections in the country. Read More

Smithsonian Magazine, April 15, 2022

Invasive Insect Gets a New Name: Spongy Moth

"This is a very welcome and long overdue change-the result of a monumental effort by the largest professional society of entomologists in the world," says Marten Edwards (biology). Read More

Wttw Npr, April 08, 2022

March Madness-Style Bracket Pits Birds Against Chicago's Collision Threats

Robyn Detterline created a new bracket-birds vs Chicago windows-after reading Professor Dan Klem's book "Solid Air." Read More

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, April 08, 2022

Editorial: Debates need all candidates to participate

Fetterman has not appeared at a number of events, including the first televised debate Sunday at Muhlenberg College in Allentown. Read More

Washington Post, April 08, 2022

In primary stretch, Pennsylvania's Senate contenders go after the front-runners.

On Sunday, two Democrats running for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania delivered their toughest attacks yet on Lt. Gov. John Fetterman at Muhlenberg College. Read More

Politico, April 08, 2022

Fetterman Skips First PA Primary Debate

His absence was the big story at a Democratic Senate primary debate Sunday night at Muhlenberg. Read More

The Philadelphia Inquirer, April 08, 2022

John Fetterman skipped the first Pa. Senate debate. His rivals made it all about him anyway.

The first debate came just over six weeks before the May 17 primary. Read More

Bloomberg News, April 08, 2022

Lamb, Kenyatta face off - minus Fetterman - in debate of Democratic Senate hopefuls

The article about the debate at Muhlenberg ran in dozens of media outlets. Read More

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