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The Morning Call, July 30, 2021

Flags and fervor: The Berks County Patriots are fighting for the right in the Biden era, but who are they?

Professor Christopher Borick says he sees the movement as another predictable swing of the left-right pendulum. Read More

The Morning Call, July 30, 2021

Four takeaways from Joe Biden's first visit to the Lehigh Valley as president

The high-profile visits reflect the region's growing political clout, says Professor Chris Borick. Read More

Atlas Obscura, July 22, 2021

What Should You Do With a Captured Nazi Flag?

Assistant Professor of History Jacqueline Antonovich shares the story of a disturbing find in her recently purchased 1800s farmhouse. Read More

Pennlive, July 22, 2021

After 17 years, was the Brood X cicada emergence this summer a bust?

Professor of Biology Marten Edwards chronicled the return of 17-year cicadas to the same regions they heavily inhabited at their last emergence. Read More

The Morning Call, July 16, 2021

Officials fight against the emerald ash borer as it decimates trees across the Lehigh Valley

Doing nothing isn't a solution, Muhlenberg College biology professor Marten Edwards Read More

Going For Two Podcast, July 16, 2021

COVID and College Athletics with Kathleen Bachynski

Lessons learned from this past year of college athletics dealing with COVID-19 and what the future could hold this fall. Listen Now

The Forward, July 16, 2021

I played Israeli professional baseball. Here's why this year's Olympic team gives me hope.

Op-ed by alumnus Rabbi Jason Bonder includes memories of Muhlenberg experiences. Read More

Fast Company, July 16, 2021

You can't set the record straight for GOP who don't want it straightened

Article mentions a Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion election poll cited by State Senator Doug Mastriano. Read More

Baltimore Sun, July 16, 2021

The mystery bird illness responsible for killing many backyard favorites is spreading across states

Peter Saenger, president of the Lehigh Valley Audobon Society and an ornithological specialist at Muhlenberg College, says we need to be cautious. Read More

Inside Higher Ed, July 16, 2021

External Partnerships and Higher Ed's Mission of Critical Analysis

One of the most critical analyses that we've seen of 2U's acquisition of edX has come from Jeff Pooley, a professor of Media and Communication at Muhlenberg College, write the authors. Read More

The Philadelphia Inquirer, July 09, 2021

Muhlenberg College director of public health Chrysan Cronin says last year, as the state was still reeling from the first four months of the pandemic & bracing for a fall surge, it made sense to contract contract tracing out. Read More

The Chronicle of Higher Education, July 09, 2021

Professor of Media & Communication Jeff Pooley says "Harvard and MIT have, in effect, auctioned off the lecture halls of the future...nonprofits aren't supposed to flip like this" on the transfer of edX to a private company. Read More

The Morning Call, July 09, 2021

Professor of Biology Marten Edwards weighs in on the dobsonfly - what some call Pennsylvania's most terrifying insect. Read More

The Morning Call, July 09, 2021

Director of public health Chrysan Cronin advises school districts to follow a wait-and-see approach when it comes to their fall plans, especially in light of the COVID-19 delta variant. Read More

Penn Capital-star, July 09, 2021

Professor of Political Science Chris Borick says that amendments are "being used strategically by [Pennsylvania] Republicans right now to find ways around the governor's power." Read More

The Morning Call, July 09, 2021

Peter Saenger, president of the Lehigh Valley Audobon Society and Muhlenberg ornithological specialist, advises "taking down feeders and birdbaths so you don't have concentrations of birds in case it is spread by close contact" in light of a recent avian illness. Read More

The New York Times, July 02, 2021

Caveh Zahedi Has So Many Stories to Tell

The short-form podcast is unusual in a field crowded with big-budget productions. Professor John Sullivan says, "What [Zahedi] is doing is really like 'audio blogging'... more like the earliest days of podcasting." Read More

The Morning Call, July 02, 2021

'His cells will generate and give new life': Muhlenberg student donates bone marrow to Canada cancer patient

Tony Merchlinsky, 19, signed up to be a bone marrow donor in the fall shortly after starting at Muhlenberg College & said he didn't hesitate when he found out he was a match. Read More

91.3 Wlvr (npr Lv), July 02, 2021

Cicadas have a message for us

Professor Marten Edwards, a says spraying insecticides cuts down on the benefits cicadas bring. "It's really a win-win for the environment." Listen Now

91.3 Wlvr (npr Lv), July 02, 2021

Black fly spraying

Spraying starts June 30 along the Lehigh and Delaware rivers. Professor Marten Edwards says the spray, made from bacteria that originates in soil, is non-toxic to humans and wildlife. Read More

91.3 Wlvr (npr Lv), July 02, 2021

Lehigh Valley is Lyme disease hotspot; Pa. has highest rate of infections in U.S.

Professor Marten Edwards says there are several things you can do to protect yourself outdoors. Read More

Harrisburg Patriot News, July 02, 2021

After contact tracing data breach, Pa. sidesteps scrutiny on proposed $34M contract

Last year, as the state was still reeling from the first four months of the pandemic and was bracing for an anticipated fall surge in cases, it made sense to contract the work out, says Professor Chrysan Cronin. Read More

Other News, June 25, 2021

Have Apple & Spotify Become Too Big?

Professor of Media & Communication John Sullivan was a guest on the podcast and discussed recent moves by Apple and Spotify to introduce premium podcasting, as well as the platformization of the medium. Listen Now

Saucon Source Podcast, June 25, 2021

No Rain Date, Ep. 58: Preserving Lehigh Valley's LGBTQ History

Archivist Kristen Leipert discusses the Stonewall Memories Project. Listen Now

WFMZ, June 25, 2021

Civic's 'Buyer & Cellar' has encore

Civic presents an encore of its 2019 production of the off-Broadway comedy hit; and actor Timothy Janovsky '19 recreates his award-winning performance for two shows. Read More

New Aural Cultures Podcast, June 25, 2021

Podcasting's transforming infrastructure.

Professor of Media & Communication John Sullivan was a guest speaking about the professionalization of the medium. Listen Now

La Review Of Books, June 18, 2021

The Literary Redline

Emanuela Kucik, assistant professor of English and Africana Studies, reviews Richard Jean So's new book about the history of racism in American publishing. Read More

Newsweek, June 18, 2021

All the U.S. Colleges Requiring COVID Vaccines to Return to Campus in the Fall, So Far

An increasing number of U.S. colleges are requiring students to be immunized next fall, including Muhlenberg. Read More

Cleveland Jewish News, June 18, 2021

Adam Marcus '22 honored with leadership award from Lehigh Valley federation

Award given for campus leadership and awareness of needs and concerns in the Jewish community. Read More

Concord Monitor (ma), June 18, 2021

For animals, swindling others is a strategy

Biology Professor Erika Iyengar studies kleptoparasitism, measuring the "harm" and "benefit" in terms of each animals' energy budget. Read More

The Morning Call, June 18, 2021

'This is American history': Two days of celebrations scheduled in Lehigh Valley for Juneteenth, marking anniversary of slavery's end

Professor Karen Britt, president of JuneTeenth Lehigh Valley, & Multicultural Life Director Robin Riley-Casey on the June 19 event. Read More

WDIY FM, June 11, 2021

LGBT Oral Histories with Adrian Shanker & Kristen Leipert

Alum Adrian Shanker '09 and archivist Kristen Leipert talk about the Lehigh Valley LGBT Community Archive on LV Discourse. Listen Now

Northern Woodlands Magazine, June 11, 2021

The Outside Story: Kleptoparasitism

Biology Professor Erika Iyengar was interviewed about the harm/benefit of animal parasitism by theft. The article ran in five additional media outlets. Read More

Miami Herald (fl), June 11, 2021

Can eating cicadas make you high - or sick? What to know as they blanket parts of US

Biology Professor Marten Edwards says it's best to cook cicadas as soon as they emerge from the ground, when they're fresh. The article was picked up by 22 media outlets. Read More

Pocono Record, June 11, 2021

Enjoy the silence: Cicadas aren't ready to be heard in Monroe County

Despite a U.S. Forest Service map that shows Monroe County as a Brood X site, it's really the home of Brood II, due again in 2030, said Professor Marten Edwards. Read More

Yahoo News, June 11, 2021

Could sports leagues soon let athletes play through COVID-19?

"We're not at a point yet where we can say, 'If you're unvaccinated, that's on you,'" said Assistant Professor of Public Health Kathleen Bachynski. Read More

Diverse Issues In Higher Education, June 11, 2021

Anti-Racism & Humanistic Inquiry

"It is our shared duty to educate with broad perspectives and critical historical knowledge of race, antiracism, colonialism, and decolonization in our attempts to understand the human condition," writes Cathy Marie Ouellette, associate professor of history. Read More

Tv Goodness, June 11, 2021

Connie Giordano Talks Mare of Easttown

Giordano '91 and her role in the hit TV series "Mare of Easttown." Read More

WDIY FM, June 04, 2021

Alum Adrian Shanker and archivist Kristen Leipert talk about the Lehigh Valley LGBT Community Archive. Read More

Tribune-democrat, June 04, 2021

Governor and Senate candidates jockeying for position with 2022 on the horizon

While PA election history would seem to give the edge to Republicans, Professor Chris Borick says more recent history has shown the pattern can be broken. Read More

The Morning Call, June 04, 2021

Balancing taxpayer money and climate change, Lehigh Valley municipal, county officials plan for a greener future

Last year, Allentown's Environmental Advisory Council worked with Muhlenberg College student Hannah Chiesa to develop an initial greenhouse gas inventory. Read More

Montgomery County Media, June 04, 2021

Blog: My Perspective as a GGCC Intern

Isaac Shulman will be attending Muhlenberg in the fall. Read More

The Morning Call, June 04, 2021

Where are the cicadas? Millions were expected in the Lehigh Valley.

Cicadas are often referred to as "canaries in the coal mine," says Professor Marten Edwards. Read More

WFMZ, June 04, 2021

Reflections on life and legacy of teacher who participated in NASA's Teacher in Space Program

Charles Walter Tremer taught at Muhlenberg College. Read More

Variety, May 28, 2021

New Filmmakers Los Angeles Announce Winners of 9th Annual Awards

"The Man of the Monkey" by Professor David Romberg was named best documentary feature film by New Filmmakers Los Angeles. Read More

WDIY FM, May 28, 2021

Lehigh Valley Discourse

Archivist Kristen Leipert and Adrian Shanker '09 of Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center talk about the Lehigh Valley LBGT Community Archive. Segment available soon via link. Listen Now

Pc Gamer, May 28, 2021

An interview with the actor behind Lady Dimitrescu

Maggie Robertson '13 went from the stages of the Baker Center to bringing a vampire to life in the video game Resident Evil Village. Read More

Lehigh Valley Business, May 28, 2021

A look at Muhlenberg College's Parkway Boulevard Building and its Living Building challenge

President Kathleen Harring calls the building a "living symbol" of the college's values. Read More

WFMZ, May 28, 2021

Muhlenberg College hosts first in-person commencement since COVID pandemic

For the first time since 2013, a Muhlenberg Commencement took place indoors, but not in its usual rain location of Memorial Hall, and not because of rain. Read More

Insider, May 28, 2021

We spoke with 21 young Americans about coming of age in 2021

Hannah Michelson '22 says, 'I feel I've learned a lot about myself in this pandemic.' Read More

The Morning Call, May 28, 2021

Closing of major private foundation after 25 years highlights shakeup in Lehigh Valley philanthropy

"Part of what is disappearing with The Century Fund is the relationships it had with all of the nonprofits it funded," says Business Professor Roland Kushner who researches nonprofits. Read More

Usa Today, May 28, 2021

Cicadas have existed for more than 5 million years. Now, humans threaten their future.

"The range of cicadas that we see now is a fraction of what it would have been, when the Native Americans were the only people around," said Biology Professor Martin Edwards. Read More

The Morning Call, May 28, 2021

'End of an era': Stonewall, the Lehigh Valley's last gay club, hosts 'last bash'

The Lehigh Valley LGBT Community Archive - a joint program of Bradbury-Sullivan and Muhlenberg College - has launched the Stonewall Memories Project, which will preserve photographs, stories and more. Read More

The Philadelphia Inquirer, May 28, 2021

Pa. Republicans are taking aim at Tom Wolf, not Biden, as they look to win the 2022 governor's race

Wolf has "taken hits for his work in pandemic response," said Professor Chris Borick, "and part of that is just the nature of crisis management." Read More

The Morning Call, May 28, 2021

Incumbents were defeated in local elections across the Lehigh Valley in this primary. What happened?

Incumbents lost in races across the state, owing to turmoil in the national political parties and a marked increase in engagement with voters, said Professor Chris Borick. Read More

NBC, May 28, 2021

Pa. Voters Have a Really Hard Time Saying 'No' to Ballot Questions

Just five rejections since 1967? Professor Chris Borick says there are subliminal and subconscious effects at work on Philadelphia's NBC10. Read More

The Morning Call, May 28, 2021

It's not sizzling bacon or a sprinkler you're hearing

Professor Marten Edwards, with alums Rick Crist and Michael Sitvarin and Maya Schlesinger '24 were on the hunt for Brood X. Read More

Poughkeepsie Journal, May 21, 2021

Frankie Feaster: Inside former Bergen Catholic star's chance to impress Giants, make NFL Read More

WHYY, May 21, 2021

The Brood X cicada emergence

Professor Marten Edwards is interviewed on 'Radio Times' about this extraordinary 17-year event. Listen Now

WITF, May 21, 2021

The 17-year Cicadas are Coming

Professor Marten Edwards interview begins at 30:00. Listen Now

Fast Company, May 21, 2021

How Apple's new audio subscriptions are upending podcasting

Co-authored by Professor John Sullivan, the op-ed has run in Fast Company, The Street and nearly 40 additional media outlets. Read More

WHYY, May 21, 2021

Some Pa. lawmakers tout expense transparency. Their websites tell a different story.

Professor Christopher Borick comments. Read More

The Record/, May 14, 2021

Frankie Feaster: Inside former Bergen Catholic star's chance to impress NY Giants, make NFL

Frankie Feaster '19 is making his NFL audition at rookie camp. Read More

The Conversation, May 14, 2021

Apple threatens to upend podcasting's free, open architecture

John Sullivan, professor of media and communication, co-authored the article which has run in 25 additional media outlets as well. Read More

NBC, May 14, 2021

Could Voting Changes Increase Off-Year Voter Turnout?

Changes including expanded mail-in voting and some important races may boost participation, says Professor Christopher Borick on NBC Philadelphia. Watch Now

WFMZ, May 14, 2021

Muhlenberg College holds groundbreaking for Parkway Boulevard Building project

Shovels, hardhats and sunshine were on hand for the groundbreaking for the new Parkway Boulevard Building. Read More

The Morning Call, May 14, 2021

Your View: I developed polio because I was too young for Salk's vaccine.

A shortage of the polio vaccine when he was 5 meant retired History Professor Daniel J. Wilson became infected with polio instead. Read More

WITF, May 14, 2021

Here come the 17-year cicadas!

Biology Professor Marten Edwards will join SmartTalk on WITF today at 9:40 a.m. to share what nature-lovers can all look forward to with their arrival. Read More

The Morning Call, May 07, 2021

Daniel Wilson, professor emeritus of history, shares his perspective as a post-polio survivor and vaccine advocate. Read More

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