Freelance Opportunities

Freelance students produce content for the College and are compensated for their time, effort and skill. Students are exposed to project requirements, deadlines and technical specifications they will encounter in the workplace.

A list of available projects is maintained on the public relations website. Students may also submit original pitches for work. Pitches will be assessed on timing, content, budget, publication location and other factors before being accepted for production.

Each student who submits work to be published receives a creator's byline/credit/etc. for use in a portfolio or production reel. All contracted students receive payment according to the project agreement, but content must meet established editorial standards for inclusion on the Muhlenberg website.

The following guide is a generalized payment schedule for project contracts and is subject to change on project specifications:

Assignment Estimated Payment Estimated Delivery Timeline
Social Media Post $10-15 1 hour
Feature Article
(~250-350 words)
$25-50 2-5 days
Event Photography $20/hour 2 days
Video Profile
(~1:15-2:00 length)
$75 10+ days

 Please note: current interns are generally ineligible for freelance contracts due to a conflict of interest.


Freelance FAQ

Who is eligible for a freelance opportunity?

Muhlenberg students must have satisfactory academic standing and be eligible to work in Pennsylvania. Faculty recommendation and/or proven aptitude is required before a project will be issued.

Do I need my own camera or other equipment?

Public relations has several cameras, lenses and associated equipment available for loan. Equipment is expected to be returned promptly to the public relations office during regular business hours, unless otherwise agreed upon.

If a student wishes to use their own equipment, they must first meet with Bill Keller to determine quality and compatibility with project requirements. 

Does it matter what software I use?

Some projects will be worked on by more than one individual. If specific software is required, the project application will reflect that requirement. 

If I complete a project, will it be published?

Project publication and timing is subject to editorial standards and the discretion of the public relations department. Students who complete an assigned project will receive payment regardless of publication status.

How do I receive payment?

Payments are issued through the office of public relations. Students must complete required paperwork (including proof of employment eligibility, if required) before payments can be issued. Payments are subject to scheduled check distributions for public relations and other college offices.

How are freelance students chosen?

Students are encouraged to respond to project bids in a timely manner. Students will be chosen based upon application responses, faculty recommendation, demonstrated capability of project requirements and satisfactory project history (if applicable) with the office of public relations. 

Are there limits on the number of projects I can apply for?

We expect the application process to be competitive; students are encouraged to apply for projects they feel are within their capability based on aptitude, interest and existing obligations.

What makes a bid successful?

Successful bids will demonstrate an understanding of project need, strong communication skills, creativity (within project scope), responsiveness to inquiries and faculty/staff endorsement. 

What if I have additional questions?

Please contact Bill Keller in the office of public relations.

Address Muhlenberg College 484-664-3477 (fax) 2400 Chew Street Allentown, PA 18104