Though confidentiality still applies to phone and online services, there are potential limits to confidentiality inherent in phone or video conferencing due to the potential for lacks in firewall and other confidentiality containment factors when using phone or online mechanisms as compared to in-person sessions.

Counseling Services at Muhlenberg College is governed by legal and ethical standards of confidentiality. Any and all participation at Counseling Services is strictly confidential. Any student wishing information to be released to parents, faculty, administration, etc., must sign a release of information indicating this intent.

Furthermore, your counseling records are separate from your academic or administrative records at the College. There are legal limits to confidentiality such as:

  • Evidence of clear and imminent danger of harm to self or others may require your counselor to report this information to the authorities in an effort to ensure the safety of yourself or others
  • Pennsylvania state law requires the mandatory and immediate reporting of any information pertaining to the possible physical or sexual abuse of any person under 18 years of age or in the case of elder abuse. Abuse to a person who was under the age of 18 at the time of abuse, but who is now over the age of 18 may prompt mandatory reporting depending on the situation.
  • A court order, issued by a judge, may require the releasing of information contained in our records or may require a counselor to testify in a court hearing. [This exception does not include judicial hearings held within the College.]