Group Counseling

The counseling work that happens in groups is just as real and significant as that which takes place in the individual counseling. One of the things that makes the group therapy situation unique and helpful is that it is a private and safe system. People who join groups agree to keep the content of the group sessions confidential. What people talk about or disclose in groups remains strictly among the members of the group.

How does group counseling work?

There are a number of reasons that group counseling can be a powerful experience:

  • During group counseling, people learn that they are not alone.  Many times people feel isolated with their problems. It is encouraging to hear that other people have similar feelings or difficulties.
  • Under the skilled direction of a group therapist, the group is able to give support, provide new perspectives, and/or offer alternatives to each member.

Group therapy allows a person to better understand their interpersonal concerns, and to develop new ways of relating to people.

Roommate Issues
Relationship Issues
Academic Concerns
Stress Management

How to Sign Up for a Group:

To sign up for a group, please come to Counseling Services located on the 2nd floor of the Life Sports Center. Initial appointments may not be made over the phone or online. We do not accept appointment requests via email.