Summer Research Grant Recipients


Michaela Feinberg ’19
The Intersection of Politics and Artistic Expression during and after the Congo Crisis of 1960 

Leah Heffelfinger ’18
The Effects of Low Oxygen on the Axolotl 

Melissa-Lynn Heineman ’18
“We Know the Way”: Orienting Disney’s Departure from Othering in Moana 

Eric Jovinelly ’18
Investigating the Catalan Triangle Alongside Muhlenberg’s REU 

Sapir Mashiach ’18
Assessing the ability of Zizyphi spinosi to modulate the GABAA receptor 

Crystian Massengill ’18
The Construction of Belief: Mechanisms Underlying Contemporary Islamophobia 

Andrew Rice ’19
Synthesis of Cyclic Peptoids and Assessment of their Flexibilities 

Kelly Shannon ’18
Power, Pleasure, and Prejudice: Gender in mediated Stand-Up Comedy 

Michael Silverstein ’18
Corticosteroid Decisions: Affective Arguments Leading to Polarization in Medical Decision Making 

Katelyn Winter ’18
“Finding the ‘Truth’ in True Crime Writing: A Literary Study”


Andrew Berdahl ’17
“The Rise of the PLA, Southeast Asian Irredentism, and Conflict in the South China Sea”

Susanne Boss ’17
“The Intentional and Unintentional Destruction of Art: A Reflection of the Evolving Nature of Conflict”

Taylor Hunsberger ’17
“Women in Power”

Emily Kosinski ’17
“Exploring the Role of the Angiotensin II/AT1 Receptor System in Mediating Appetitive Memory Reconsolidation”

Ashley Malafronte ’17
“Adapting the Ulster Cycle: Narrative Transformation and Cultural Excavation Through Literacy and Dramatic Form”

Kate O’Donoghue ’17
“Family First: Locating Anee Enright’s Literacy Ancestors in the Irish Canon”

Alison Smith ’17
“Explaining the MuhlenBubble: a Historical Analysis of Muhlenberg Student Perceptions”

Brittany Smith ’17
“Impact of Race and Ethnicity on Children’s Understanding of Inequality”


Christopher Baumgartel, Jr. ’17
“Ecological Change & International Water Management Policy:  Challenges for the Mekong Delta and the Jordan River Basin”

Steven Feldman ’16
“A Reexamination of Schubert’s Der Erlkőnig with a Female Erkling”

Jacqueline Harrison ’16
“Songs of the Night: The Role of Music’s fascination with Imaginary Creatures and Its Effect on the modern Listener”

Jadmin Mostel ’16
“The Effectiveness of Crushed Limestone Remediation of Simulated Sulfuric Acid Rain”

Zachary Winchell ’16
“Is novelty crucial to memory reconsolidation?  The introduction of altered stimuli in animal testing of the updating consolidation theory of memory”


Kelley Annesley '15
"Using Dialectical Thinking to Ameliorate Problems in Moral Deliberation"

Mel Ferrara '15
"Intersex Medicalization"

Rachel Gonsenhauser '15
Declined award to participate in a REU funded by the National Science Foundation

Kerry McGowan '15
A survey of the epibionts on common gastropod (snail) species of the San Juan Islands, Washington

Kelly Ann Osborne '15
Exploring William Blake's Verbal and Visual Narratives

Emily Scarf '16
Colored Chords: The Neurological Connection Between Synesthesia and Art

Kyra Rose Smith '15
The Family Tree: An Oral History of Allentown's LGBTQ Population

Tatiana Patterson '15
Prison-Industrial Complex in the Lehigh Valley Case Study


Joshua Clement '14
"Community-Led Development in Bulongwa, Tanzania"

Max Greenberg '15
"The influence of estradiol and progesterone on the phonotaxal behavior of the Scaphiopus holbrooksi"

Cyrus Kuschner '14
"Uncovering GCN5's pathway of epigenetic control of cell differentiation in Arabidopsis thaliana "

Dominic Lapadula '14
"Investigation of Potential Upstream Regulators of nhr-67 in C. elegans"

Elizabeth Neary '14
"George Egerton"

Cimarron Sharon '14
"Are fear memories linked? The extinction of fear memories following sensory pre-conditioning in an animal model of PTSD"


Kenn Andersen '13
"The Investigation of Fatty Acid Transport Protein and its Function in the Regulation of Juvenile Hormone Synthesis in Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes"

Brianna Brown '13
"Chester:  A Study of Environmental Racism"

Jaclyn Durkin '13
"The Effects of Distraction on Consolidation of Traumatic Memory in an Animal Model of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)"

Garrett Gallinot '13
"A Study of Political Apathy and its Effect on the Political Process"

Gillian Irwin '13
"Balinese Gamelan and Perceptions of Time"

Jenna Kotak '13
"The Effect of GCN5 on the Expression of Trichome Genes"

Evan Lovas '13
"Conflict in Africa:  The Impact of Intrastate Conflict upon State-Capacity"


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