Students Interested in Applying for Summer Grants:

The Faculty Development and Scholarship Committee will be accepting applications from students interested in doing research during the summer of 2020. These grants are intended for students who plan to engage in research or independent study that will lead to publication, presentation, exhibition, or performance. They are not granted for participation in formal course work, formal study abroad programs, or internships. The Committee anticipates being able to make up to seven such awards for the summer of 2020.

Each student who is awarded a grant will receive a $3,000 stipend for eight weeks of research during the summer and one course-unit of research or independent study at no cost to the student. Recipients who do research on campus will be provided with up to eight weeks of campus housing (based on double occupancy). Students may not have other obligations (paid employment, course work, etc.) during the period of the grant. Students may not have more than eight weeks of summer research funded by the college. In addition, the student is expected to be enrolled at Muhlenberg in fall 2020.  Any student receiving an award must: (1) submit a report no later than September 11, 2020 and (2) participate in the fall poster session.

Students who are interested in applying should refer to the links below. The proposal must include a cover sheet, an abstract of the proposed work, a 3 to 5 page description of the project, and a letter of support from the faculty sponsor. The proposal is to be written by the student and should be reviewed by the faculty sponsor. One copy of the grant proposal shall be submitted to Lori Flatto, administrative assistant to the Dean of Academic Life by 4:00 on Monday, February 10, 2020.  A copy of the student's transcript will be added by Ms. Flatto.

Students in all majors are eligible to apply. Representative projects include scientific research, photographic essays, choreography, and literary studies. Projects should be focused (one aspect of a writer’s work, the effect of light on plant defense mechanisms, etc.). Projects are intended to be student-initiated rather than faculty-initiated.

Please note: If you plan to do survey research or other research with human subjects, you will need Muhlenberg College Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval.   Applications without such approval are incomplete and will not be considered. Getting IRB approval can be a time-consuming process (especially if the project involves anyone under 18 years old) and must be started early.

Please also note: Any applicant for a summer research grant which would take place outside the U.S. border must meet with the Dean of Global Education to complete additional required forms.  Such students will also be required to purchase international health and travel insurance.


Contact the Dean

Dean of Academic Life

Michele Deegan
Address Muhlenberg College Dean of Academic Life 2400 Chew Street Allentown, PA 18104