Dana Scholars

The Dana Scholars Program, made possible by the Charles A. Dana Foundation, acknowledges students who display academic potential, good character, integrity, and leadership ability through contributions both inside and outside of the classroom. Each summer, Muhlenberg College designates about thirty high school seniors for this honor, one of the most prestigious ones that the College offers. Participation in the Dana Associates Program provides an enriched academic experience and does not preclude a major in any area.

Muhlenberg Scholars Program

The Muhlenberg Scholars Program is designed to enhance the education of talented students by providing unique opportunities for intellectual exploration, growth and development. Outstanding first-year students are invited to join the Scholars Program when they are admitted to the College. Scholars courses are small, interdisciplinary, discussion-oriented courses in which the student is encouraged to grapple creatively with problems at the forefront of current research. The emphasis is on original source materials rather than textbooks. The goal is to create a community of inquiry where professor and student reason together about topics of current interest.

RJ Fellows Programs

The RJ Fellows Program prepares students who have exhibited particular intellectual and personal passion and aptitude for exploration of change in the world, including the nature of, adaption to, and engagement with such change. The program will have three areas of study centering around: (1) the definition of models of change; (2) the examination, analysis and interpretation of principal moments of change within history; and (3) the development of analysis and strategies to face contemporary and future changes.

Departmental Honors Programs

Some academic departments have honors programs to provide special opportunities for the best qualified and most highly motivated students to develop their capacities for independent thinking, original research and disciplined scholarship. Honors work consists of seminars, guided independent study, individual research or participation in faculty research, as well as a certain amount of regular course work. Successful honors candidates will be graduated with honors in the field of concentration; in addition, they still maintain eligibility for the traditional Latin graduation distinctions.

Additional information about these programs can be found in the College Catalog.

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