Student Policy and Resource Guide


Academic Integrity Code
Administrative Involuntary Leave of Absence Policy
Alcohol Policy
Anti-Hazing Policy
Banking and Check Cashing
Campus Safety and Police Policy
Career Center
Ciarla, The Muhlenberg College Yearbook
College Services

Commuting Policy
Computing Resources & The Office of Information Technology
Data and Security Privacy Policy
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
Dining Services Policy
Disruptive Conduct Policy
Drones/Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Model Aircrafts Policy
Drug Free Schools and Communities Act
Drug Use and Controlled Substance Policy
Electronic Communications Policy
Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination Policy
Fire Safety Policy
Firearms and Other Weapons Policy
Fireworks Policy
Flag Policy
Grievance and Appeal Procedures for Students with Disabilities Policy
Harry C. Trexler Library:

Housing and Residence Life
Housing Lease
Housing Lease (MILE Property)
IT Data and Security Privacy Policy
Library Regulations Policy
Martin Art Gallery
Meal Plan Policy
Medical Amnesty Policy
Medical Leave of Absence and Reduction in Course Load Policy
Missing Student Policy
Off Campus Policy
Parking Rules and Regulations Policy
Partisan Political Activity Policies
Pet Policy
Posting of Signs and Notices Policy
Religious Holiday Policy
Review of Academic Progress Policy
Seegers Union

Smoke- and Nicotine-Free Campus Policy
Student Code of Conduct

Student Records Policy
Study Abroad Programs
Trip Policy
Trip Policy Requirements
Unauthorized Student Orgization Policy
Vehicle Transportation Policy
Visitor Policy