The following approved regulations are applicable to the Muhlenberg College campus and apply to all members of the College community. These regulations have been established and are enforced to provide faculty, staff, students and visitors with a safe campus environment with reasonable access to buildings and other campus locations. Individuals who repeatedly fail to follow the college parking rules and regulations may be denied parking privileges. Effective August 15, 2022, the regulations contained herein replace and supersede all previous regulations with respect to vehicular traffic and parking on campus. Depending on the circumstances, they may be subject to change without formal notice. Questions relating to parking and operation of motor vehicles should be directed to the Department of Campus Safety, located in the front lobby of Prosser Hall at 484-664-3112.


  1. It is the responsibility of all individuals who operate or maintain vehicles on campus to be aware of these regulations and to abide by them.
  2. Motor vehicle drivers assume full responsibility for the operation and parking of a motor vehicle on College property.
  3. The Department of Campus Safety officers will conduct parking enforcement in a fair, equitable and courteous manner. Construction, City Street cleaning, or inclement weather conditions do not alter the provision made in these regulations.
  4. The fact that a vehicle has not been registered does not permit a member of the Muhlenberg community to park that vehicle in areas designated as visitor parking.
  5. Muhlenberg College is responsible for establishing and maintaining the signs, signals and markings necessary to implement these regulations.
  6. The Department of Campus Safety is tasked with enforcement of the parking rules and regulations, and as such may issue violation notices to alleged violators of any provision of these regulations.


A. Prerequisites

  1. The applicant and the vehicle to be registered must meet all legal requirements for the operation within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  2. The motor vehicle to be registered must be owned, leased or operated by the applicant or a member of his/her immediate family.
  3. Applicants with outstanding violation charges will not be permitted to register their vehicle(s).
  4. Proof of vehicle registration and a valid Muhlenberg College ID card are required when registering the vehicle.

B. Proper Display of Parking Permits

  1. Parking permits are issued to the individual registering the vehicle and only transferable to other vehicles registered by that same individual.
  2. Transferable permit stickers are pressure-sensitive on one side only. They must be applied to the vehicle and displayed on the front window, immediately above the state inspection sticker, or the lower front driver’s side window for out of state vehicles.
  3. Outdated Muhlenberg College parking decals should be removed if possible.
  4. The registrant of any vehicle is responsible for any decal registered for his/her vehicle. If a vehicle is sold or removed from campus, the decal must be removed.
  5. All motorcycle, moped, and motor scooter permits must be affixed to the left front shock in a clearly visible manner.
  6. All student temporary vehicle registration forms must be clearly displayed in the rear window or on the front dashboard of the assigned vehicle.

C. Student Registration

  1. All students who are permitted to own or operate a motor vehicle on campus must register their vehicles at the Department of Campus Safety. Registration is valid for a full academic year or whatever portion of the year the student is officially enrolled. Students shall be responsible for compliance with all College traffic regulations. Changes of vehicles or vehicle registration numbers must be reported to the Department of Campus Safety. Any questions regarding registration should be directed to the Department of Campus Safety at 484-664-3112.
  2. Every student who owns or operates a motor vehicle in Allentown during the year must pay a vehicle registration fee of $65. This fee covers any vehicle per individual student that may require a parking registration throughout the year. Any vehicle that requires a state license must display a valid parking permit for the current academic year.
  3. Those students transferring from another institution or beginning an academic year in the Spring semester should follow the registration for “Transfer or mid-year student” when prompted and must pay a registration fee of $35.
  4. LVAIC students may register their vehicle with us if the following is met:

a. Students must be registered in a Muhlenberg College course.
b. Students must fill out registration form.

Once these requirements are met, they will be issued a student parking decal at a cost of $15.00.

D. Faculty and Staff Registration

  1. Faculty and staff are entitled to a parking permit for the appropriate employee lot to which they are assigned.
  2. Transferable permit stickers are pressure-sensitive on one side only. They must be applied to the vehicle and displayed on the front window, immediately above the state inspection sticker, or the lower front driver’s side window for out of state vehicles.
  3. The permit is the property of the College and must be returned upon separation from the institution.
  4. Faculty and Staff are responsible for keeping vehicle information current within the parking registration system.


Parking permits, numbered and identified by specific color codes, correspond to specific parking areas and are valid only for those locations.

Faculty and Staff parking areas are designated by yellow lined parking spaces, while student parking areas are designated by white lined parking spaces.

While every effort is made to provide sufficient parking spaces, the purchase and display of a parking permit does not guarantee available space in your assigned lot at any given time. Campus Safety Officers conduct frequent patrols of parking areas. However, the College cannot assume any responsibility for vehicle damage, theft or theft from a vehicle while parked on College property or on a city street. In consideration of the College’s neighbors, student, faculty and staff street parking should be confined to the campus side of the street. Parking regulations on the city streets are strictly enforced by Allentown Parking Authority. Parking on city streets on the east side of campus are restricted for street sweeping year-round. It is suggested that you read the specific parking signs in those areas. Also, Chew Street is a “SNOW EMERGENCY STREET;” if a snow emergency is declared ALL vehicles parked on the street must be moved.

The following parking regulations will be enforced during the entire year.

A. Student Parking Permits
The current academic student permit (permit color will change each year) allows those vehicles properly displaying the parking permit to park in student designated parking lots. The student designated parking lots are as follows:

  1. 26th and Chew Street Parking lot (by Robertson Hall)
  2. Parking lot in front of Benfer Hall
  3. South side of lot to the rear of the Center for the Arts building
  4. Village Upper Parking Lot Village lower parking lot
  5. Sorority parking lot
  6. 23rd and Gordon Street Parking lot (white lined spaces only)
  7. Martin Luther Parking lot
  8. All lots and driveways connected to or associated with College MILE residential facilities not designated as “No Parking”, with the exception of the lot at Berks and Liberty Streets which is designated as “Faculty/Staff Parking” (See restrictions below)

There are specific lots designated for Faculty, Staff and visitor parking. Vehicles displaying student decals are permitted to park in these lots between 5 PM and 7 AM, Monday through Friday and at all times on Saturday and Sunday unless otherwise designated. The Faculty/Staff designated parking lots are as follows:

  1. Trexler parking lot (includes Trexler Library, Center for the Arts, and Trexler Pavilion)
  2. Prosser Hall lot
  3. Center for the Arts (CFA) rear lot - north side facing the CFA
  4. Back Drive Parking Lot – rear of academic row
  5. Back Drive Entrance Parking Lot – north side of Brown and Walz Halls
  6. 23rd and Gordon Street Parking lot (Yellow lined spaces only)
  7. Leh Street Parking – Includes Leh Street south of Chew St and spaces behind 2242 Chew St
  8. Other parking areas considered to be overflow lots as designated by yellow lined parking spaces.

Visitors (non-students) to the College are permitted to park on the Front Drive in front of the Academic and Administrative buildings.

B. Commuting Students and Evening College Permits
Commuting students and Evening College students are required to register their vehicles and display a parking decal. They will be assigned a student parking permit and are eligible to park in the areas as listed in Section III, A - Student Parking Permits.

C. Faculty and Staff Parking Permits
Faculty and staff parking lot assignments are allocated in relation to the building where the employee’s major function occurs. Lot allocations are based on data collected from vehicle registrants and primary work location. When registered with the Department of Campus Safety, each vehicle will be assigned a colored window decal that corresponds with the parking lot assigned. The color of the parking decals for faculty and staff assigned locations will change from year to year. Once determined, a list of these lot designations will be distributed to the Muhlenberg College Community via email.

D. Handicapped Spaces and Permits
Designated with the national handicapped parking sign, these spaces are reserved for use by students, faculty, staff and visitors who qualify for state issued license plate/placards which are displayed on the vehicle, and the vehicle is registered with the Office of Campus Safety. With the exception of visitors, between the hours of 7 AM and 5 PM, parking in handicapped parking spaces on college property also requires a valid parking permit for the designated parking area.

E. Temporary Visitor Parking Permits
Any visitor of the College may obtain a temporary vehicle registration. This temporary permit is issued through the Office of Campus Safety and is valid for the length of the visit. The Office of Admissions will directly issue temporary parking permits to visiting students and their families. The President’s Office will directly issue temporary parking permits to visiting guests of the President.


A. General

These regulations are in effect continuously throughout the calendar year, including recesses and vacations. The use of other permit lots is restricted to valid permits designating such lots. Specific restrictions regarding parking and vehicular access to campus are as follows:

  1. The use of student parking areas is restricted at ALL times to holders of valid student permits designating such lots.
  2. Students required to enter restricted areas of the campus to make pick-ups or deliveries must secure prior authorization from the Department of Campus Safety.
  3. The use of faculty and staff lots is restricted to valid permits holders in designated lots from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. During hours not specified, these lots are available for use by any vehicle displaying a Muhlenberg College permit.
  4. All "No Parking Zones" are in effect twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, including holidays.
  5. Student, faculty, and staff parking is not permitted on the front circle during the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. During this time the Front Circle area is reserved for visitors and guests only.

B. Emergencies and Special Situations

During emergencies and special situations, it may become necessary for the Department of Campus Safety to temporarily suspend or otherwise modify specific regulations found in these Rules and regulations or otherwise posted throughout campus. In such cases those actions will be communicated by signs or other markings, public announcement, or on-site supervision. Temporary regulations and restrictions will be enforced accordingly.


A. Parking Rules

  1. Operation and/or parking of a motor vehicle on College property is restricted to those individuals who have properly registered their vehicles with the Department of Campus Safety and who display valid permits for a designated area. All other vehicles will be considered illegally operated and/or parked and will be subject to fines and sanctions specified in these Rules and Regulations
  2. Vehicles may be parked and/or operated on College property only in appropriate areas as marked by signs, street markings, the College map and other designations indicating that parking and/or operating of vehicles is permitted.
  3. Students required to enter restricted areas of the campus to make pickups or deliveries must secure prior authorization and approval from the Office of Campus Safety. Restricted areas are defined as fire lanes and faculty/staff/visitor parking areas. When authorized the parking in the restricted area shall be for no more than ten (10) minutes and the vehicle hazard lights must be operating during the time authorized.
  4. The following practices are specifically prohibited:
  5. a. Double parking.
    b. Parking on the left side of the street facing traffic.
    c. Parking over a white line or yellow line or across a line indicating a parking space.
    d. Parking on lawns, landscaped areas, sidewalks, or other areas not designated for parking.
    e. Parking in front of a driveway, doorway, or steps, or in any manner such as to block traffic, parked vehicles or roadways or hinder the passage of pedestrians or vehicles.
    f. Parking in an area which does not correspond to the displayed decal.
    g. Parking in a handicapped space without having the right to do so.
    h. Parking an unregistered vehicle on the Muhlenberg College campus.
    i. First year students possessing or operating a vehicle on Muhlenberg College property or in the city of Allentown without permission of the Director of Campus Safety.
    j. Parking a two wheeled vehicle other than a motorcycle, moped, or motor scooter in a parking space designated for motorcycle parking only.
    k. Parking in fire lanes, loading zones, emergency areas, or areas marked as "no parking" zones. Fire lanes include the following: Back drive – behind Taylor Hall (from 26th Street to Commons Building), Martin Luther – north drive (from Life Sports Center to 23rd Street), East Hall – south drive (from Moyer Hall to 23rd Street), drive between Brown and Walz Halls, the walkway through the Village, the entire drive to Benfer Hall including the east side, both drives leading to the Center for the Arts, the entire roadway between Robertson and South Halls, Fraternity drive and all driveways in the sorority areas. PARKING IS PROHIBITED IN THESE AREAS AT ALL TIMES.
    l. Parking in areas not designated as a parking space with white or yellow lines.
  6. It is the responsibility of the motor vehicle operator to find a legal parking space. Lack of space is not considered a valid excuse for violation of a parking regulation. Individuals attempting to park late at night are encouraged to find a legal space, as established by the parking rules and regulations, and contact the Department of Campus Safety for escorts from their car to their residence.
  7. Tardiness for classes, appointments, etc., is not a valid excuse for violation of parking regulations.
  8. Students are responsible for informing their visitors of approved parking areas. Students are accountable for parking violations and fines of visiting friends or relatives. If a vehicle is illegally parked, it may be towed at the owner's expense.
  9. Disabled vehicles must be reported to the Office of Campus Safety immediately. Such vehicles must be attended to within 24 hours of disablement unless circumstances result in a time extension agreed upon by Campus Safety personnel.
  10. Muhlenberg College has two electric vehicle charging stations located directly behind Brown Hall on back drive available for use by plug in electric charging vehicles only (faculty, staff, students and visitors). There is a four-hour maximum time limit when parked in these spaces and instructions for their use can found on the charging kiosk. NOTE: Vehicles must be moved when charging is complete or when the four-hour maximum time limit is reached. If your vehicle remains in the charging space beyond this allotted time you are subject to receiving a parking violation regardless of permit status.


A. General

OffenseFine Amount
No permit $50.00 
No permit/Illegally parked $75.00
Illegal Parking/No Parking Zone  $20.00 
Parked in Fire Lane  $75.00 
Handicap Space  $75.00 
Fraudulent Use of Permit  $50.00 
Disregarding Instructions  $20.00 
Improper Display of Permit  $15.00 
Theft of Services $75.00
Boot Installation/Removal (2 or more accumulated tickets) $100.00

Vehicles May Be Towed At Owners Expense – Cost Determined by Towing Service.

  1. Tickets are payable at the cashier window in the basement of the Haas College Center during window hours of operation.
  2. Fees of all violations, regardless of how many tickets have been issued to the same vehicle, are in accordance with the above fine accrual schedule.
  3. A citation notice may include all offenses that are in violation at the time of issuance. In the event of multiple violations, the cost of each violation indicated on the violation notice, as established above, will apply to the ticket. Failure to pay fines within the first 30 days of issue will result in the accumulation of the fines based on the above-mentioned accrual schedule.

B. Further Sanctions
In addition to the assessed fines, certain parking violations may be forwarded to the Dean of Students Office for appropriate disciplinary action.

C. Removal of Vehicles or Immobilization of Vehicles at Owners' & Operators' Expense
The below conditions may result in vehicle immobilization or towing. Immobilization usually occurs when encountering unregistered vehicles with multiple violations. When possible, the Department of Campus Safety will make every effort to contact the owner of vehicle prior to towing. Emergency situations may result in swift vehicle removal prior to owner notification.

  1. The vehicle appears to be abandoned.
  2. The vehicle is parked in such a manner as to create a hazard to other traffic or obstructing a road, service drive, loading zone, hydrant, fire lane or parking area.

Rev. 8/2022