Campus Accessibility

The Office of Disability Services reviews Muhlenberg College policies and practices regarding students with disabilities, as well as physical plant accessibility and operations and offers recommendations for changes and modifications, as appropriate.

The Office of Disability Services has created a master document which lists accessibility of campus building and surrounding terrain. The report includes information about accessible entrances where there are power doors or ramps, accessible bathrooms, elevators, accessible residential housing facilities, locations of ARD devices, Oxygen devices, etc. This project has been a collaborative effort with assistance from key Muhlenberg Departments (listed below) along with the comprehensive points that have been considered while developing this Campus Accessibility Document:

Collaboration with Residential Services Staff, Campus Safety, & Plant Operations and other key departments regarding collateral access issues for housing placement and general campus accessibility, such as:

  • Campus Visitation for students, family members, and guests
  • Accessible housing facilities
  • Accessible in classrooms and labs
  • College-sponsored events and assignments at off-campus venues
  • Modifications to existing facilities under revised DOJ Accessible Guidelines:
    • Life /Sports Building access (gym, pool, bathrooms)
    • Residential Services (specifically, freshman dorms & other non-accessible dorms)
    • Other academic and non-academic campus facilities
  • Greek housing & anticipated “Rush” activities
  • Campus-wide available handicapped parking access
  • Student teaching assignments & access
  • Personal Care Attendant access
  • Chew Street escort services for crossing
  • Van/transportation access
  • Graduation Exercises – physical and the introduction of CART/captioned broadcast services

As Muhlenberg College acquires or constructs new buildings, full accessibility will be a priority

Comprehensive Campus Accessibility List | Accessibility Map