Assistive Technology

What is Assistive Technology?
The term “assistive technology” refers to equipment designed to assist individuals experiencing various limitations in basic life skills. Some of these were designed for a specific population, such as the text-to-speech equipment for visually impaired individuals; however, this particular type of technology also provides benefits to individuals with reading disorders.

What types of Assistive Technology are available?
As our society has become more technologically driven, we have seen rapid advances in the sophistication and applicability of assistive technology equipment and software. New and improved technology that is affordably priced and readily available to assist individuals with disabilities (as well as assisting non-disabled individuals) has had a dramatic impact. Specialized Technology may include text-to-speech devices that can scan and read material; speech recognition software that will recognize speech and translate it into written format; visual magnification and auditory enhancement devices; and so much more!

What does Muhlenberg College have available for students, faculty, and staff?
Muhlenberg maintains an array of assistive technology equipment, specialized software, and avails assistive technology services to individuals with disabilities who have met the standards of approval for these types of accommodations and support services.

Where can students, faculty, and staff learn more about Assistive Technology at Muhlenberg?
For further information, individuals may contact Pamela Moschini, Director- Office of Disability Services.

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