Exceptions to Academic Policy for Students with Disabilities

Muhlenberg College offers a broadly based liberal arts education that provides the student with the intellectual perspective, problem solving experience, and communication skills necessary to adapt to a changing world.  The general academic requirements at Muhlenberg College are designed to furnish students with effective writing, speaking, and reasoning skills in all academic disciplines. Academic requirements have been established so that all students may have the opportunity to achieve competency in these skills in their college experience.

As an integral part of a liberal arts education, Muhlenberg College requires students to have some knowledge of a language other than English. The Second Language requirement offers students an opportunity to acquire or advance the understanding of foreign cultures, literatures, and societies through listening, speaking, reading, and writing in a second language. Muhlenberg College academic requirements also include a General Reasoning course which develops the ability to understand and utilize mathematical and/or logical relationships, to analyze data, to construct and assess arguments, and to make sound judgments.

The majority of students with disabilities are able to fulfill the Second Language and General Reasoning requirements with or without accommodations. Muhlenberg College recognizes that the nature and severity of the documented disability may affect learning in the general reasoning or foreign language area even with reasonable accommodations and may interfere with the student’s ability to meet the expectations of the course with a passing grade. In these cases, students with disabilities may petition the Dean’s Exception to Academic Policy Committee to fulfill the intent of the graduation requirement.

Review the Policy for Exceptions below, then download the Exceptions to Policy Release Form.

You may also retrieve the entire Exceptions to Academic Policy for Students with Disabilities document.