Special Dining Services Policies and Procedures

Muhlenberg College students with a documented medical condition that may significantly and directly impact the ability to fully utilize or access dining services may submit a Special Dining Services Application, along with Medical Provider Documentation Guidelines, to the Office of Disability Services. Students making application are encouraged to review all components of the application and documentation process. The Diagnostician Form should be presented to the medical professional who will be providing written documentation of the condition.

Special Dining Services Request applications and documentation are individually considered by the Directors of the Office of Disability Services and Student Health Services. The medical conditions documented through this process must rise to the standards of a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act (ADAAA)(revised 2008). Decisions about Special Dining Services accommodations are made based on the severity of the condition and the critical medical necessity of the request. The accommodations requested through this process must be an integral component of a treatment plan prescribed by a medical professional qualified to treat the particular condition.

For students who have been determined eligible through this process, a Special Dining Services Accommodation Plan will be individually developed in a collaborative process that includes the student, Director of Health Services, Representatives of Dining Services, the Director of the Office of Disability Services and other campus representatives, as appropriate.

It should be noted that documentation of a medical condition does not guarantee that a request will be approved. Further, situations such as diets for weight loss and personally elected dietary restrictions (vegetarian, gluten free, etc.) generally do not warrant special dining services accommodations through this process, as these are considered lifestyle choices and not conditions consistent with a determination of disability.


  • To initiate the process, students should submit the completed Special Dining Services Request Form Application to the Office of Disability Services.
  • The treating medical professional must complete the Diagnostician Form and submit a report and statement of medical necessity to support the Special Dining Services Request.
  • Recommended Deadlines: Students should submit the application with supporting medical documentation as soon as possible after the diagnosis and recommendations have been obtained from the medical professional with whom the student is working. And while applications are accepted at any time, suggested deadlines are listed on the application form.
  • Students must schedule an in-person or phone interview with the Directors of the Office of Disability Services and Student Health Services to discuss the request.
  • Students need to re-apply for accommodations through the Special Dining Services Request process every year that the request is being made.‌

Special Dining General Information and Application

Medical Provider Documentation Guidelines