Technology Toolbox - Android Apps for College Students

The Office of Disability Services is pleased to share a sampling of Applications (Apps) for Android devices that may be helpful for students with disabilities. The list includes Apps that are free or that are available at a reasonable cost. The listing of Apps is not intended as an endorsement or individual products or an encouragement to purchase, but is for informational purposes only.

 Note Taking

  Dropbox: Web storage which allows backup of data

  Study Blue: Digital flashcards

General Tools

 ChemPro: Chemistry Tutor: Lesson library containing 80 videos covering a General Chemistry course

  handyCalc Calculator: Calculator with automatic suggestions and solving for graphing, currency conversion and solving

  myHomework: Academic planner that helps with keeping track of assignments


 Google Translate: Translate text for over 50 languages- text to-speech

  iTalk:  Type text and then the device speaks the text


  Magnify: A digital magnifying glass with built in flashlight