About Coronavirus

Campus Facilities & Events
In response to Pennsylvania Governor Wolf’s recent declaration of March 19, all campus buildings will be closed to the public.  Limited card access will be available to faculty, staff and students approved to remain on campus.

At this time, we are requiring College departments to cancel or postpone all events through April 13. College-sponsored events occurring after April 13 should notify participants that events are subject to cancellation at a later time. Additionally, campus facilities are closed to external and co-sponsored groups and events are cancelled until further notice. If you serve as a point of contact for any external or co-sponsored group, please communicate this information accordingly.   

We also ask for your assistance in communicating cancellations of your events to relevant offices that were scheduled to provide support for your events and meetings. Any changes to a 25Live reservation should be communicated using the Change/Cancellation Form. Please remember to cancel any reservations and associated services such as work orders, catering, media services, housekeeping overtime, equipment rentals, etc. that may no longer be necessary as a result of a modified or cancelled event. 

Panel Discussion: The Coronavirus Pandemic
On Tuesday, March 10, five Muhlenberg College experts participated in a discussion examining the coronavirus pandemic from multiple disciplinary perspectives. View the full video here: