Visitors are welcome on campus. Muhlenberg College is currently operating under a YELLOW PHASE masking policy. Individuals who invite guests to campus are responsible for communicating to them our COVID-19 Policies.

Masks are currently required indoors for all individuals, regardless of vaccination status. Masks can only be removed while actively eating/drinking. At this level of alert, there is some discretion given to faculty in classroom settings, employees in their private offices and some flexibility with regard to practices and rehearsals. Masking is not required in residential properties.

  • Department-Sponsored Rehearsals and Performances: For activities sponsored by departments in the performing arts, masks must be worn and/or may only be removed at the discretion of the supervising faculty member teaching the course or directing the performance. This applies to singing, instrument playing, acting and dancing. If the supervisor allows masks to be removed for final preparations or performances, any individual participating in the dress rehearsal and/or performance may continue to wear their mask if they wish. In addition, in all performances, there should be 12 feet or more of distance between the performers and the audience. All audience members or observers must be masked at all times.
    • Example events/performances include: College Choir, Chamber Choir, Women’s Ensemble, Jazz Big Band, Wind Ensemble, all credit-bearing performances, and theater & dance departmental productions.
  • Club/Organization-Sponsored Performances: Students must wear masks during all regular weekly practices/rehearsals. At the discretion of the student leadership of the group, masks may be removed during scheduled and/or final performances, as long as the group is rehearsing or performing in a designated reserved space on campus and maintaining 12 feet of distance from any audience members.
    • Example groups include those sponsored through MTA, MDA, A Capella groups, etc.
  • Athletic Practices and Competitions: Athletes should adhere to College policy, athletic policies specific to each sport and Centennial Conference requirements.
  • Classrooms/Labs/Teaching Studio Spaces: Individual faculty will have some discretion over their classrooms/lab/teaching studio spaces. At level yellow, faculty may permit masks to be temporarily removed for specific activities. Such activities might include presentations or lectures or for other activities that are for a set amount of time and in spaces that allow physical distancing for the unmasked speaker. When masks are not required indoors for vaccinated individuals on campus (level green), faculty/staff may at their discretion still require masks in their classrooms/labs/studios.  
  • Private Offices: Employees may use their discretion in allowing individuals to remove their masks when visiting their private offices when the College is at alert level yellow only. Employees should not ask other employees or students their individual vaccine status.  When masking indoors is lifted for vaccinated individuals, employees may still require individuals to wear masks when visiting their private offices.
  • Health Center: Masks are required regardless of vaccine status in medical facilities.
  • Bus Transportation: Masks are required by all individuals while on Muhlenberg and/or privately contracted group transportation.


Admissions Guests 

All Admissions guests must be registered with the Office of Admissions. Guests should only visit campus if they are symptom-free and have had no known recent COVID-19 exposures.


All contractors should be registered with the appropriate supervising office. Contractors should not come to campus if they have had a direct exposure to COVID-19 or have any COVID-19 symptoms.

Dining for Campus Visitors

Campus visitors are allowed to enter dining facilities while on campus. As a reminder, for those who may be more comfortable, the College offers to-go dining options and the option to eat outside when the weather permits.