Human resources



As a new or rehired employee, or if you receive a change in your job assignment, you will have an initial "introductory" period of ninety days duration for full-time employees, or up to 400 hours worked for part-time employees. This time allows you to become familiar with your work assignment, your supervisor, fellow employees, and the College. It also allows you and your supervisor to determine whether or not your employment will continue beyond that point. In certain cases, your introductory period may be extended up to an additional ninety days by the Vice President of Human Resources if your supervisor makes such a request.

During the ninety-day introductory period for new employees, you are not eligible to use any vacation or sick day accruals. However, you do earn sick and vacation days as noted in the sick leave and vacation sections of this handbook. You will not be paid for holidays occurring during this period unless Christmas and/or New Year's Day occur during your introductory period. In this case you will receive holiday pay for these two days.

Upon completing a satisfactory introductory period, you will be a "regular" employee, meaning that you will receive benefits such as sick leave, holiday, and vacation pay in addition to your regular pay. "Regular" appointment does not imply permanent employment because the College retains with you an "at will" employment relationship.